The following is a composite of several draft reports on this prospect. Our sources were CBSSports, NFL, Mike Detillier, Mike Loyko and OurLads.

Prediction:  2nd round pick.  We are getting lower in the rankings when we can see the linemen with physical abilities who do not play up to their potential and defensive linemen like Jarrett who play well beyond their physical limitations.  Very good player in the right system but would be a rotational player because he is smaller with a shorter arm reach.  If the New Orleans Saints were to use him correctly, he would be an asset but in the second round, it would be hard to justify Jarrett as a selection for the Saints.

Draft Profile of Grady Jarrett

Position: Defensive Tackle/Nose Tackle


Short, cannon ball body type.  Wrestler and track athlete in high school.  Durable.  Has never missed a game in his career.  Cat like quickness and relentless in his play.  Plays like his hair in on fire. (Son of Falcon Pro Bowler Jessie Tuggle).  Has a linebacker’s lateral agility with great flexibility to change direction.  Good first step with burst.  Plays much bigger than he is. Can forklift a players backwards.  His quickness allows him to penetrate line of scrimmage.


Size.  He is short and has short arms.  Doesn’t have the reach to grab a blocker and dominate the encounter.

Grady Jarrett

Grady Jarrett