The following is a composite of several draft reports on this prospect. Our sources were CBSSports, NFL, Mike Detillier, Mike Loyko and OurLads.

Prediction: Brown will be available for consideration by the New Orleans Saints.  Married with two children and a volunteer in community.  Saints will like his maturity but will he be NFL ready day one?  Like this player a lot and he has all of the earmarks of a Saints player especially if he is very close to making the leap into the NFL.  In any other year, Saints would highly consider him but in a year when the defense needs to be ready fast, would he be ready in the rotation if called upon this year.

Draft Profile of Malcolm Brown

Defensive Tackle


Tall, wide frame. Easy movement skills. Good core strength and flexibility.  Very strong hands.   Among the quickest at the snap.  Has an ability to penetrate and wreak havoc behind the line of scrimmage. Locates the ball quickly.  Keeps his eyes up even as he is fighting through multiple blockers and works hard to get to the action, spinning and sliding to get involved.  Eyes stay glued on ball carrier no matter what battle is in front of him.  Physical player.  Brings it hard each and every snap.  Knows how to finish.  Came on stronger in the later part of the year as he gained experience.  Still developing talent whose best football appears to be ahead of him.


Needs to show greater power and technique in his hands to disengage and to drag down ball-carriers. Relies on his agility to slip by blockers, showing more tenacity and effort than an array of pass rush moves.  Needs to develop some in his lower body.  Junior entry to the draft.  May be ready to make the leap?

NFL COMPARISON:  Sylvester Williams and Arthur Jones

Malcolm Brown

Malcolm Brown