Jahri Evans contract details include

  • Saints save $4M in cap 2015
  • Salary cap figure is $7 million this year, down from $11 million original figure
  • 2015  $5.4 million bonus, $9.5 million guaranteed in $18 million extension, base salary $1.003M guaranteed (down from $6.8M)
  • 2016  $3.8 million base in 2016 ($2M of it guaranteed)
    • $1M roster bonus, $8.2M cap figure
  • 2017, $4.9M base, $1M roster bonus
  • annual $100,000 workout bonus, escalator clauses in 2016, 2017

The savings the Saints will realize will go a long way toward adding flexibility to possible free agent signings and his place on the roster frees them up in the draft process.  It is pretty phenomenal when you consider how many players stay with the team from year to year and will retire Saints.