Count the Saints among the 20 or so teams who visited Towson on its pro day and among those who had dinner with a player before the event.  Saints had dinner with Towson Cornerback before pro day namely Tye Smith.  If you will remember Towson has yielded another great prospect to the Saints–Jermon Bushrod.

The following is Smith’s profile from by Lance Zierlein

STRENGTHS  Shows some closing speed. Good awareness in zone coverage, with length to challenge the catch. Will hit open-field receiver with some force. Hard worker. Brings competitive attitude to the field.
WEAKNESSES  Looks rail thin in the uniform. Skinny through entire lower body. No sand in his pants to take on physical wide receivers. Complete non-factor tackling size on perimeter. Play strength is a major issue for him. A little sloppy opening up out of press.
BOTTOM LINE  Average athletic traits with decent ball skills but a substantial deficiency in play strength. West Virginia peppered Smith with hitches to wide receiver Kevin White and Smith was unable to respond favorably. He can make it into a camp, but likely lacks enough meat on his bones to become a roster factor.