The beleaugered guard has endured fan criticism and injuries this past year but he and Zach Strief occupy some of the most valuable real estate on the Saints offensive line.  Saints extend Jahri Evans contract by one year.  Expect Evans (31) to return to top effort as the Saints train his replacement.  Evans has been a stalwart player and will provide valuable insights to developing players.  I am a huge fan of Evans, so no complaints here.  My tape study of him shows the effect of injury but also of great heart.  It is also expected the change at center will allow Evans to play more effectively as he will probably not be called upon to help assist so much.  It is expected his contract will be reworked. reports: 

The Saints had less than $1 million in available cap space, making Evans a prime candidate to restructure his contract in some form or take a pay cut, something Saints coach Sean Payton indicated was something at the March owners’ meetings.

“Jahri will play for us at right guard,” Payton said. “And I think that the structure of his contract with regards to this upcoming season, I don’t know that that’s resolved, in regards to how it’s gonna lay out. Because obviously we’re up against the cap. But I think he’s done a really good job, especially with some of these acquisitions, obviously the draft coming up, you’re gonna need X amount of dollars with regards to your rookie pool.”