The Falcons pumped in noise to bolster their team’s chances of success in 2013 and 2014 during home games.  However, the effort did little to change the Falcons’ chances.  As anyone can testify who has attended a Saints game in the Mercedes Benz Super dOMe, the noise the Saints fans bring is real and it does not relent (especially against Atlanta) even if we are losing.

For upsetting the balance of competition, the Falcons get minimal punishment, namely, a fine of $350,000 and will lose next year’s 5th draft pick.  One could hardly think of this as more than a slap on the wrist especially because it does not affect the team’s ability to compete in the near term and the punishment’s effect will barely cause a ripple of discomfort.   Roger Goodell does not have the ability to properly police this league but I guess we already knew that. There have been so many missteps and I do not truly believe he doe not bring the gravitas to the table as his predecessors did in their day.

Rich McKay points out the    problem to Thomas Dimitroff!

Rich McKay points out the problem to Thomas Dimitroff!