Once again our good friend over at WDW ~ Guest writer Okielou continues his four-part series with part three on quarterbacks drafted since 1994, you can read parts one and two HERE and HERE. This summary is a pretty good measuring stick when looking at this years draft class–it’s never a sure thing.

With all of us getting our brains into a tizzy with Free Agency in the air, I did not know if this was the proper time to post part three but I thought it might give us all a little break from the pressure.  Next to the regular season, this may be the most exciting and anticipating time of the NFL season, so here we go.


There were 14 quarterbacks Drafted in 2005, three were taken in the first round.

1. Alex Smith: Utah – Smith was drafted by the San Francisco 49’ers number 1 overall. He played for the 49’ers from 2005 through 2012. Smith never had a spectacular career with the 49’ers but he didn’t lose games by making mistakes.  He also had some pretty good players around him. Smith was hurt in 2012 and was replaced by Colin Kaepernick. When he returned from his injury in a very controversial move, the 49’ers made him the backup QB and kept Kaepernick as the starter. It seemed to work out for the 49’ers and Kaepernick still may work out, but it seemed like the 49’ers offense has transgressed as defenses have started to figure Kaepernick out. Smith was traded to the Kansas City Chief’s who had just signed Chase Daniel. The Chiefs signed Smith to be their starter. Smith would not be considered an Elite QB, but is a very good game manager. The Chief’s depend mainly on the running game. Grade ~ Good

2. Aaron Rodgers: California – Rodgers was drafted by the Green Bay Packers 24th overall. There are probably 23 teams that are kicking themselves for passing on Rodgers. Rodgers had the luxury of being able to watch and learn from one of the game’s best–Brett Favre. Favre didn’t believe it was his job to train his replacement; but Rodgers’ just being there and watching, you would have to think he picked up some pretty good information on how to play QB for the Packers. It was three years before Rodgers got his chance, and boy did he run with the chance. The Packers hardly missed a beat with the change at QB. Let’s see, one Superbowl win (2010), two League MVP’s (2011, 2014), AP Athlete of the year (2011). He holds the all time passer rating of 106 in regular season games and a 101 passer rating in post season games. He holds the single season passer rating of 122.5. He has almost 4 to 1 TD vs INT ratio. There is more but like Peyton Manning I am running out of space. Grade ~ ELITE.

3. Jason Campbell: Auburn – Campbell was Drafted by the Washington Redskins 25th overall. The Skins tried their best to give Campbell a chance to be their starting QB. He had a couple of decent years with the Skins (2008, 2009), but he never panned out to be a NFL-caliber QB. Campbell was traded to the Black hole (Raiders) and then bounced around with three more teams. Cincinnati let him go before the regular season started in 2014. Grade ~ Bust.

NOTE: The Saints Drafted Adrian McPherson; Florida ST in 5th round, 152 overall. Grade Bust


There were 12 quarterbacks drafted in 2006, three in the 1st round.

1. Vince Young: Texas – Young was drafted 3rd overall in the 2006 daft by the Tennessee Titans. Young infamously scored a six (6) on his wonderlic test  In hindsight, it makes sense looking at his financial decisions after signing a massive contract worth over 25 million in guaranteed money (Young is now broke)

After an impressive rookie campaign Young’s career went downward, the following year Young threw for just nine touchdowns compared with 17 interceptions. After being released by the Titans, the Eagles signed Young in 2011 where he played one year as a back up to Michael Vick. Young has been out of the league ever since. Grade ~ Bust

2. Matt Leinart: USC – Leinart was drafted 10th overall by the Arizona Cardinals where he did absolutely nothing. After four hapless years, he was released at the start of the 2010 season but was quickly picked up by the Houston Texans where he played one year. A couple of short stints with Oakland and Buffalo and Leinart was out of the league. It should be noted that injuries really took a toll on his career. Grade ~ Bust

3. Jay Cutler: Vanderbilt – Cutler was drafted 11th overall by the Denver Broncos where he played somewhat well for three years and was then traded to the Chicago Bears in 2009 for Quarterback Kyle Orton and a 1st and 3rd round picks.

Cutler is an enigma.  You don’t know what you are going to get with him. Cutler has a rocket arm and all the physical tools to be elite but the question begs to be answered – why hasn’t he? While Cutler has been very good at times it seems that what goes on between his ears is what’s holding him back. The Bears surrounded Cutler with a boat load of offensive talent but the results have been the same, disappointing. Grade ~ depends on his mood.


There were 11 quarterbacks drafted in 2007, two in the First Round.

1. Jamarcus Russell: LSU – Russell was Drafted by the Oakland Raiders number 1 overall. I don’t think there are many in the WhoDat Nation that do not know this story. Great potential but horrible work habits and no MOJO. Grade ~ Bust

2. Brady Quinn: Notre Dame – Quinn was Drafted by the Cleveland Browns number 22 overall. Another great (ha!) QB pick by the Browns. Quinn may not have flamed out as fast as Russell, but the results were about the same. Grade ~ Bust.


There were 13 quarterbacks taken in 2008, two in the first round.

1.Matt Ryan: Boston College – Ryan was Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons number 3 overall. Most of the Who Dat Nation already know about Matt Ryan. He was named the starter as soon as he put the hat on at the podium in NYC. Except for 2009 (14) he has played in 16 regular season games and all post season games the Falcons have played. Even though just about every Saints fan loves to hate him, Mattie Ice is a very good QB. He makes defenses play hard every minute they are on the field or he will make them pay. I see Matt Ryan’s career only going one way, as long as he stays healthy and that is up. BEWARE! Grade ~ Very Good.

2. Joe Flacco: Delaware – Flacco was Drafted by the Baltimore Ravens number 18 overall. Flacco like Ryan was named the starter right out of the box. He has started every regular and post season game to date.  He averages over 3600 yards in the regular season, and he has a 148TD to 90INT ratio. Flacco also has that one stat that the experts say a QB needs to be elite, and that is a Superbowl win in the Super Dome over the San Francisco 49er’s. I could not bring myself to make him elite. Grade ~ Very Good


There were 10 quarterbacks taken in 2009, three in the first round.

1. Matthew Stafford: Georgia – Stafford was drafted by the Detroit Lions number one overall. Stafford career started off a little slow the first couple of years due to injuries. In 2011 the young man caught on fire. He has played in all 16 regular season and post games to date. In the last four years, he has averaged over 4,700 yards in regular season games, passed for 112 TD’s vs 64INT’s, he also ran for eight more TD’s. I can’t deny that having Calvin Johnson has helped. Stafford is another young QB that baring injury, his career is only going to go up. Grade ~ Very Good.

2. Mark Sanchez: USC – Sanchez was drafted by the New York Jets number 5 overall. Against the advice of several coaches and other knowledgeable people, Sanchez entered the draft early before his senior year. It was thought by many that he needed another year to better prepare himself for the NFL. Did Sanchez enter the draft too early or did the NY Jets not handle him properly? His career just didn’t take off. Sanchez was injured all of 2013, and was released in 2014. The Eagles signed him; and when Foles went down with injury, he became the starter. Sanchez still has a chance to prove himself, but to this point. Grade ~ Bust.

3. Josh Freeman: Kansas State – Freeman was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers number 17 overall. Freeman went to a very bad team.  Some think his results had a lot to do with coaching. Freeman showed potential but the team was pretty much a train wreck, and some felt he didn’t have much of a chance. Freeman was released in 2013 after the Bucs unsuccessfully tried to trade him. He was signed by the Vikings and everyone had hopes he could get a fresh start and resurrect  his career. Things have not worked out for him. He was signed and released in 2014 before the regular season started by the New York Giants. Grade ~ Bust

That will do it for part three, part four will be out in the near future starting with 2010 up to the present date. Thanks for reading.  Feel free to drop a comment below and as always – WHODAT!!!