A look at some of the quarterback options for the Saints in the future

Once again our old friend Okielou has penned a guest editorial and stopped in to give us his thoughts on some options for the eventual successor to Drew Brees

There has been all kinds of talk about what are the Saints going to do when it comes time to replace Drew Brees?  There have been probably hundreds maybe even more scenarios of ways the Saints can cover this position for the future. It is not a position of need at this point but it is a position that has to be addressed in the not too far future. So when is the proper time? and what is the proper solution? Draft or Free Agency.

In an attempt to see what the Saints options might be I have made a list of QB’s that will  be available via the draft as well as free agency for the next four years. 2015 & 2016 for the Draft and through 2017 & 2018 for free agency.

First: Do the Saints think the Saints have the future sitting behind Drew Brees with Ryan Griffin? I can already hear the “groans”

2015 Draft

1. Jameis Winston, Florida St.

2. Marcus Mariota, Oregon

3. Garrett Grayton, Colorado St.

4. Brent Huntley, UCLA

5. Bryce petty, Baylor

Should the Saints jump on one of these prospects?

2015 Free agent prospects

1. Mark Sanchez

2. Brian Hoyer

3. Michael Vick

4, Ryan Lindley

Would any of these Quarterbacks be a good logical choice?

2016 Draft

1. Connor Cook, Michigan St.

2. Cardale Jones, Ohio St.

3. Christan Hackenburg, Penn St.

4. Dak Prescott, Mississippi St.

5. Jonathan Goff, California

6. Patrick Towles, Kentucky

What are the thoughts on these Draft prospects for 2016?

2016 Free Agent Prospects

1. Eli Manning

2. Ben Roethlisberger

3. Phillip Rivers

4. Sam Bradford

5. Cam Newton

6. Andrew Luck

7. Robert Griffin III

Would the Saints even have a chance at any of these Free Agents? Maybe Sam Bradford or Robert Griffin III.

Didn’t go past 2016 for the Draft, because I think even 2016 is a stretch to try to evaluate a draft prospect.

2017 Free Agent Prospects

1. Drew Brees

2. Peyton Manning

3. E J Manuel

4. Mike Glennon

5. Geno Smith

6. Matt Barkley

7. Ryan Nassib

8. Landry Jones

With maybe the exception of Drew Brees, and that to me is a big question mark. I don’t see the Saints showing much interest in any of these players. Some have mentioned Mike Glennon, not me.

2018 Free Agent Prospects

1. Matthew Stafford

2. Carson Palmer

3. Tom Brady

4. Blake Bortles

5. Johnny Manziel

6. Teddy Bridgewater

7. Derek Carr

8. Jimmy Garoppolo

Unless the Saints give Brees an extension it may be hard for them to even have a chance to consider any of these 2018 prospects. I could see them trying to work a trade in the next year or two for one of the lower ones mentioned. If Matthew Stafford keeps improving his game the Lions will not let him go. Carson Palmer will be up in age. Tom Brady will be past the age for any trade. So 4 through 8 would pretty much be it as far as a trade or even picking up in Free Agency goes. I know there are several WhoDats that would love to have Garoppolo on the Saints roster but I doubt the Pat’s will  let him go easy.

So looking at the potential prospects for the next four years, which route should the Saints take? The timing really doesn’t fall well for Free agency. Out of the four years of Free Agency, 2016 and 2018 have the Better choices. 2017 the year Brees becomes a Free Agent doesn’t offer much. In my opinion the Saints should address the replacement of Drew Brees within the next two years.

I have been one of those that has said “No” when the subject of taking Marcus Mariota comes up if by some chance he should fall to the Saints at 13. Looking at the future draft prospects and the timing of the way the Free agent prospects falls I might be changing my mind just a little bit. He might just be the best way to go. I doubt he makes it to the 13th pick though but the question still begs to be asked, should the Saints grab Mariota if he does?