Quarterbacks Drafted in the First Round Since 1994 ~ Part 2


Once again our good friend Okielou joins us with another breakdown of the quarterbacks drafted in the first round, you can read part one HERE.

Continuing with my Quarterback’s drafted in the First Round series, we pick up in the year…


There were 12 QB’s Drafted in 2000. Only one was taken in the First round.

1. Chad Pennington: Marshall – Pennington was Drafted by the New York Jets 8th overall. Pennington played eight years for the Jets and three years for the Miami Dolphins. Out of his 11 seasons he played, he only played two full seasons 2006 and 2008 and that was with the Jets. In his last year with the Dolphins he played one game. Injury prone. Grade ~ Bust.


There were 11 QB’s Drafted in 2001. Again only 1 in the First round.

1. Michael Vick: Virginia Tech – was Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons 1st overall. Most know the story about Michael Vick. Outside his off field dealings that were unlawful, I won’t mention all of his off field activities–that is not what this story is about. Vick was an exciting player to watch, when he was on the field he could do some amazing things but he could never stay healthy. His style of play (running) often led to him getting injured and missing playing time. As always, no player is much good to a team sitting on the bench. He only played one full season out of the eleven he played. He was suspended the 2007 and 2008 seasons. In 2009 he was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles. He played for them until 2013.He is now with the New York Jets. Grade ~ Bust.

NOTE: Drew Brees: Purdue – was Drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the 2nd round, 32nd overall. There were only 31 teams in the NFL in 2001. The Houston Texans joined the League in 2002 as an expansion team. Do we need a Grade? ~ Elite


There were 15 QB’s Drafted in 2002, 3 were taken in the First round.

1. David Carr: Fresno State – Carr was Drafted by the Houston Texans 1st overall. Carr was drafted with all kind of promise.  The only thing was that the Texans could not provide him with was a good team, and he wasn’t good enough to make them any better. To his credit he played 16 games in four out of the five years he was with the Texans, but only once he topped 3000 yards in passing. His TD to INT (65 to 71) ratio was pretty bad. He finished his career bouncing around three different teams as a backup–the Carolina Panthers and twice with the Giants.  He finished his career with the San Francisco 49’ers. Grade ~ Bust

2. Joey Harrington: Oregon – Harrington was Drafted by the Detroit Lions 3rd overall. Harrington’s career never got off the ground. He was in part a product of the Matt Millen day’s as the then General Manager of the Detroit Lions. The Saints signed and dropped him so many times the last month of 2009 that he probably felt like yo yo. That was the end of his career. Grade ~ Bust.

3. Patrick Ramsey: Tulane – Ramsey was drafted by the Washington Redskins 32nd overall. Patrick was like the two quarterbacks mentioned above. He bounced around with nine different teams into the 2010 season. The Saints signed him in July 2010 and released him September 2010. Grade ~ Bust.


There were 13 QB’s Drafted in 2003. 4 in the First Round.

1. Carson Palmer: USC – Palmer was Drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals number one overall. You look at Palmer’s stats and wonder how in the world he doesn’t have a Superbowl ring. Out of 11 seasons he had three bad ones. One of those years he played four games and sat the rest of the season out injured in Rehab. He was injured most of the year in 2014. He has over 35,000 yds passing, 225 TD to 158 INT ratio which isn’t that great, but better than some that have made the Superbowl. If he stays healthy in 2015 look for the Arizona Cardinals to win their Division. Grade ~Very Good.

2. Byron Leftwich: Marshall – Leftwich was Drafted by the Jackson Jaguars 7th overall. Leftwich could never get things going with the Jaguars.  In all due respect that might not have been all his fault, the Jag’s were not a very good team. They had Maurice Jones Drew on offense and that was about it. He finished his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Grade ~ Bust.

3. Kyle Boller: California – Boller was Drafted by the Baltimore Ravens 19th overall. Boller never did anything to prove his worth. Pretty much a dead on arrival his whole brief career. Grade ~ Bust

4. Rex Grossman: Florida – Grossman was Drafted by the Chicago Bears 22nd overall. Grossman was another one in 2003 that just could not get things to work. He was a tough athlete and several teams gave him a shot but he just couldn’t take advantage of the chances.  Although he did make it to SuperBowl, he played terribly.   Grade ~ Bust


There were 17 QB’s Drafted in 2004. Four of these were taken in the First Round.

1. Eli Manning: Ole Miss – Eli Manning was Drafted by the San Diego Chargers number one overall knowing they were not going to keep him. Manning had already made it clear before the Draft he would not play for the Chargers. A deal was made with the New York Giants that the Giants would Draft Phillip Rivers and a Trade would be made.

The question has been, is Eli Manning an Elite QB. He has had some up and down years, but can one say it was all his fault? Manning has played in all 16 regular season games in 10 seasons. He has won two Superbowl’s, Thrown 259 TD’s vs 185 INT, which is not that great, has  career QB rating of 82.4 and some still question him being an Elite QB. Grade ~ Elite.

2. Phillip Rivers: North Carolina State – Rivers was Drafted by the New York Giants 4th overall. Much of the Rivers story has already been covered in the Eli Manning part of this article. The same elite question could be asked about Rivers. Is he an Elite QB? Some say if a QB has not won a Superbowl, he can’t be considered Elite. I think that is pretty much media hog wash. You look at Rivers stats, over 36000 yards, 252 TD’s vs 122 INT’s and has a 95.7 career QB rating. Grade ~ Very Good.

3. Ben Roethlisberger: Miami(OH) – Roethlisberger was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers 11th overall. Big Ben is amazing Qb to watch. He is not flashy, he isn’t going to kill you with speed, but I don’t know of any other QB that can pump the ball as hard as he can on a fake throw and not lose the ball. He has huge hands. He is one of the (if not the) strongest QB’s in the League. He takes a lot of sacks, but he just as well can throw a completed pass with a would be tackler wrapped around him or chasing him down. He gets hurt almost every year, but he is one QB that can play hurt. It takes a lot to get him out of the game. (Does Brett Favre ring a bell?). He has thrown for over 36,000 yards, 251 TD’s vs 131 INT’s, and has a QB rating of 93.9. He has been to three Superbowl’s and won two of them. YEAH! Grade ~ Elite.

4. J.P. Losman: Tulane – Losman was Drafted by the Buffalo Bills 32nd overall. Losman was a very sad ending to a very productive Quarterback First Round Draft in 2004. No record worth mentioning. Grade ~ Bust.

This ends part two. It was a little long but there were some very good and interesting QB’s taken in these 5 years. Stay tuned for part three – If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comment section.  Thanks for reading and as always…WHODAT!