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Well folks there it is… in stunning blue and electric green, Proof of our own experiment gone awry.

And proof of what need for the draft. Just only if the owners to the stable would listen…. it is the Defense, Stupid.

All hail the Seahawks, what a well run, poised org, that is. And how have they done it? With their Defense…sigh..mostly…

Yes I love Brees & Co, have faith in in Sean Payton and the heavenly admin,

But we have to change our ways. I don’t want us to become exactly a Seattle copy. We have wonderful offensive tools and schemes. We need a few pieces, more receivers that can read plays, and bail Brees out, O-men to give Brees time, keeping Ingram around to pound the ball and make a commitment to an excellent running game..#22 you need to stay healthy man, Period.

Personally I would like to see Sean Payton step away from play to play play calling and oversee the entire ship like a Napoleonic Field Marshall. Hell hath no fury like a HC without juicy fruit….

But…but..but we won’t go ANYWHERE without a shut down D. You saw and see what it can do. God Bless Russel Wilson, but he ain’t Brees – and he doesn’t have to be. He has the tools around him to get the job done, They gave the kid a D, and some fun tools on the O side of things

Coach, please. Change. A semi ok Defense will only get us to the semi finals…

Seattle, even Green Bay, got its D act together with just good sound football on the D-side of the ball.

It is time for a change in Nola. Someone has to start patrolling the Dome once again. Category 3 warning….