There are some big changes in the structure of the Atlanta Falcon’s front office.  Scott Pioli will take over pro and college scouting, and Thomas Dimitroff will be responsible for cap management.  Scott Pioli will report to Thomas Dimitroff.  Dimitroff will have final say over the roster but methinks he doth protest too much.  Power is being taken away from him.  Meanwhile, the new coach will report to owner Arthur Blank.

Did the Atlanta Falcons restructure the front office to land the big one?  One has to wonder if the coaching search has made Blank rethink the role of Dimitroff in order to attract a high quality head coach.  I would agree the Falcons have not drafted well overall and have not made good free agent acquisitions.  (And where is Smitty these days?)


Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution writes the Atlanta structure is not like the Ravens structure as many have supposed. In Baltimore, general manager Ozzie Newsome is head of football operations and coach John Harbaugh works under him. In Atlanta, Blank would be the head of the Falcons’ football operations with the head coach reporting to him and not general manager Thomas Dimitroff. “So in Baltimore you have Harbaugh going to Newsome on major football personnel matters, and Newsome making the decisions … In Atlanta, you will have the new coach bypassing Dimitroff and going straight to Blank for these kinds of issues and Blank making the call. Normally this would be seen as a breach of trust, the coach going over the GM’s head, but Blank has codified this weird coach/GM relationship into the formal structure of his front office.”

There is no other NLF franchise so configured.  Blank’s hands on approach will place him directly in line to receive the ire of the Atlanta fans as they rise up out of the seats once again, and I can hardly fathom a head coach who will go for this unhealthy structure.

The Fancoholic wrote an uproarious article on Dimitroff

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