A Drive – By Around the League

 It’s been a while since I’ve done a drive – by around the league but with what has transpired over the last few days made me dust off the old hot rod and crank her up for a spin. There was plenty of news leaking from Saints HQ some good and some bad (I’ll get to it later) but first I want to take a look at what was a pretty lethargic wild card weekend, besides the Cowboys/Lions game.

First up, how pathetic was the Arizona Cardinals offense? Historically pathetic they had a grand total of 78 yards in the entire game. By comparison the worst game for the Saints during the 1999 3-13 dark Ditka era the Saints still managed 210 total yards in a 30-14 blow out home loss. Yes I know Carolina is playing much better ball these days and the conditions were horrible but 78 yards? Somewhere Carl Smith is pointing and laughing uncontrollably.

What’s even more disappointing than the embarrassing display is one of the truly great receivers the NFL has seen this decade, Larry Fitzgerald, had to yet go through another year with horrid quarterback play. Can you imagine a Drew Brees and Larry Fitzgerald playing together in their prime? Fitz would be triple teamed, and Brees would have thrown a pick six trying to fit it into him. I halfway kid but you know it’s true. Anyways I hear rumblings that the Who Dat Nation is drooling at the thought of getting him if he becomes available. Stop, just stop it, first they can’t afford his contract, and second he’s not going anywhere because Arizona is on the hook for over 14 million of dead money next year.

Moving on…Who Dey say dey can’t win a playoff game! Who Dey!..Who Dey! That’s what you get when you steal the Who Dat chant, you get the Who Dat curse. Don’t think it’s a curse? The Browns haven’t won a playoff game since the last time the Bengals did (1990).  Quit doing the Who Dey fraud chant and maybe just maybe Marie Laveau might lift the curse but I wouldn’t count on it.

The best way to reverse the curse is to realize that Andy Dalton is nothing more than a red-headed Ryan Tannehill, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Dalton is nothing more than an average quarterback who crumbles under pressure. I don’t care if AJ Green and Jermain Gresham both would have been healthy the Bengals would have still lost. The Bengals this past off-season extended his contract to a six-year 98 million dollar deal which means even if they do drop their Who Dey chant they have at least six years before they can even think about winning a playoff game….ouch.

And now on to Jerrah’s world. By now the flag pick up heard around the world has been picked apart more times than Jerrah’s wallet at an escort party, and it somehow still rubs me the wrong way. There were three infractions on that play. First, the obvious pass interference but also defensive holding, couple those two with Dez Bryant running onto the field to argue the call with no helmet on–it’s an easy call right? Well at first it seemed so until they picked up the flag. I’m not a conspiracy theory type but damn that was fishy.  How do you pick up a flag on a blatant penalty in a playoff game? Jerrah’s world that’s how.

But the worst part about the sham of a game in Dallas was not on the field but the freak show going on in the owners suite. If you haven’t seen the sheer horror of three rich old white guys doing the most spastic threesome bro hug ever then I warn you this will forever be etched in your memory and will haunt you for eternity. Disclaimer: the egg is in no way responsible for the mental trauma that will take place if you continue reading.

jerrah gif

Okay, the egg sincerely apologizes for putting you through such shenanigans. No I’m not.  If my eyes have to bleed then so does yours. Don’t you find it strange that the Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey (home of the Giants) would be acting like a fool in the suite with the owner of the rival Cowboys? I’m not considering he was the one that influenced the push for Jerry Jones’ firm getting a lucrative contract with the port authority. That would be like LA Gov. Bobby Jindal getting Aurthur Blank a great retail space at the River Walk and then attending Falcons games in Atlanta on the dime of the owner. This state would revolt but what do I know right?

And now on to your New Orleans Saints. I’m sure by now everyone has heard the ins and outs of Junior Galette’s arrest Monday morning. At this point I’m not really sure what to believe because both sides of the story just don’t add up in my opinion. She says she was his live-in personal assistant that wanted cab fare and they wouldn’t pay – an argument ensued so they jumped her.  I swear you can’t make stuff like this up.

The Galette side says she became irate when they asked her to leave, and she pulled a knife on them.  In all of the commotion the dog jumped on her. Galette’s lawyer claims his client will be exonerated of all charges and a video of the incident will help prove just that. Me personally I’m going to wait until the Kenner police department finishes their investigation before I draw any conclusions to what did or what did not happen. One thing I do know for certain though is that after one of the worst seasons in the Sean Payton era the off-season really didn’t need this kind of start to it and you can place this squarely on Galette’s shoulders.

Moving on….Wednesday morning brought us some good news for a change in that the Saints will retain defense coordinator Rob Ryan. I’m in the camp that thinks this is a good move. I just don’t think the man forgot how to coach overnight and will get that defense back on track for 2015. But I do think it’s imperative that he has a handle on his young defensive locker room.  These players should not be called into the principle’s office because they don’t grasp the importance of what it takes week in and week out to succeed at this level. Here’s hoping that Sean Payton gives him some more tools to work with this upcoming season.

As it stands now it looks like the Saints will retain director of player personnel Ryan Pace.  Again, I think this is a good move. I know the Saints have failed miserably overall in their drafting of defensive talent in the Payton era and some will point the finger at Pace but to me that falls on director of college scouting Rick Reiprish and his scouting department tree. People tend to forget that players like Jon Vilma, Jabari Greer, Scott Fujita, Jairus Byrd, Keenan Lewis and many more came on board under his watch. Pace is an asset to this team and don’t be surprised if the Saints sign another key free agent this off-season.

Well that’s a wrap for this edition of the drive by. A lot has happened these last few days. I just wanted to touch on a few points. Who knows after this weekend’s divisional round games things might again get out of control prompting me to do another drive by….I think the odds are definitely leaning that way.