Sean Payton Press Conference

Sean Payton Press Conference

Few press conferences have held the drama and suspense that today’s had in recent Saints history. Earlier in the week the Saints released deep threat and electric player Joe Morgan and reports surfaced that Kenny Vaccaro was going to be benched. Today in the Saints press conference Sean Payton cleared the air on many of these reports.

Per Sean, Kenny Vaccaro has not been benched and even referred to the idea of benching Vaccaro was “silly” when speaking with reporters today. This certainly is a stark contrast to what we heard supposedly leaked out of the Saints facility early in the week. While I think everyone in the Who Dat Nation agrees Vaccaro has struggled at times this season, maybe this role change, whatever it entails, is what is needed to bring him back to the level he was playing at before.

Sean Payton also went on to confirm the release of Joe Morgan and promotion of Seantavius Jones to the 53 man roster. In addition, two new players to the Saints practice squad were named. Wide Receiver Willie Snead and Fullback Toben Opurumto will join the Saints practice squad. Sean Payton then targeted questions from reporters about his future as the coach of the New Orleans Saints. Recently, Peter King wrote about an “idea” (as Larry Holder from the Times Picayune called it) that Sean Payton might not coach after this year. After the obvious chuckle Payton had, he elaborated on this idea by saying it was silly and to consider the source.

It is becoming more and more apparent that certain report(ers) can’t be trusted when it comes to their knowledge of the ins and outs of the Saints organization. These rumors and releases not only cause mass hysteria to fans of the Saints and to fellow bloggers/writers, but it also discredits their other reports. A follower on my Twitter feed summed up this sentiment with the following:

Even Drew Brees, when asked the same question, refused to respond saying “I don’t know where those reports come from” and “I don’t understand it”. Saints fans and all of Who Dat Nation will have to continue to be picky about where they get their updates from. Zach Strief, however, didn’t shy away.

To wrap up further Saints news, LT Terron Armstead stated that his neck (injured against Carolina) is feeling better and he does expect to play against Chicago. The biggest takeaway of the day takes us back to Kenny Vaccaro. Learning that the young player with such a high ceiling wasn’t benched was big. I also felt that Kenny really learned from the experience to. During today’s interviews he said that it changed his life.

I’m still unsure if there is enough time for the Saints to turn this season around, right the ship and make a run at the Superbowl. The opportunity is certainly there before this team. However, maybe this week can help bring things back to where they should have been all season long. It is hard to be optimistic after the beating the Saints took against Carolina, but maybe we can be optimistic about the Saints attitude. I think it is still obvious to all on the outside of Who Dat Nation that this is a bad team this year, and even fans are starting to see it, but even bad football teams can make strong runs at the postseason and the Lombardi Trophy.