New Orleans Saints Versus Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints Versus Carolina Panthers Rapid Reaction

Welp, Saints fans, this was a stinker. Total meltdown on offense. Too many dropped balls. Not enough time for Brees, and Coach Payton hinted in his post game presser there are personnel changes on their way. Lelito came late into the game after Jon Goodwin went down. Could see an immediate push up the middle but it was late in the game. Jimmy Graham continues to perplex. His drops are worrisome but the Saints continue to feed him the ball. Why is that? Scheme is good but execution is poor. Ingram ran well but had a fumble. Fumbles happen, and I would not pin the game on his fumble. Also from my view in the dome, it appeared Joe Morgan caught the ball but had it wrested from his hands so I would not pin the loss on that interception. Our defense struggled and our offense struggled. We have contained Newton so often in the past but not in this game. Our linebackers are not great in coverage against tight ends. I still think we may the post season but am not sure we would win. The fans are frustrated and frankly I am perplexed. This is worst than when Sean Payton was gone for season.   We will review the game tape throughout the week for more analysis but these are some quick post game thoughts.