contolIt never fails, just when I need to get started with a productive day, a report to finish before a crucial deadline – my computer does not cooperate. Nothing works … the programs that I depend on to automatically load – don’t. The programs that synchronize with other programs – won’t. To my great dismay, all I see is the little hourglass on the screen locked in an infinite spin. I talk nice to the computer, I curse the computer, I pace the floor, I bounce in my chair ….. The hourglass spins. My performance today will be impacted, my mental condition is taking a beating …. Why can’t this computer just work when I need it to? In exasperation, I hold down the power button until the machine is choked-off from power and it dies a periodic death. Then I learned the value of the more disciplined, more controlled – Control/Alt/Delete. Over the bye week, did our team Power Down or Control/Alt/Delete?

After a season that has started in a way no one, (including Falcon fans) could have imagined, we found our team sitting at the bye with two wins. We begged, we talked nice, we cursed, but in frustration we sit with our team struggling to be in sync, to load and perform …… to Win. Has it been coaching? Has it been talent? Has it been leadership? Has it been heart? Has it been strategy? Has it been age? Has it been inexperience? Has it been fundamentals? There are many theories, today we should learn the answer. It is up to the players on the roster, the coaches – to flip the switch that allows this team to play at their expectations or to meander through the season in mediocrity.

Keys to the Game
Front Four Pressure-The consistent pass rush from the front four has been one of the real disappointments for this year. Our secondary and linebackers perform in pass coverage in direct relationship to the pressure our front four can apply. Mr. Stafford is easy to rattle, consistent pressure, hits, and sacks

Time for Brees – Ansah and Suh have helped lead the Detroit defense to the best in the league. The Saints offensive line has been taking their share of critisim, even though Brees sack level is a very low number. The key here is the time and the passing lane that allows the Brees to look deep. Too often, Brees has built is offense on dinks and dunks. The OL needs to keep the lanes clear and give the receivers time to get open and Brees time to step up and throw.

Sync the Offense – Hit the Big Play – The Saints offense has yet to have the pedal to the metal, aggressive offense that they have built their Sean Payton era. Too many turnovers, too many dropped passes, the inability to stretch the field have kept the Saints offense in low gear. Road game, in a dome – time to light it up. When everyone thinks you need to run more, come out aggressive, build a lead and then control time with an effective run game.

Get the Defense off the field – When we play games against big stars in the past, we have geared so much of our defense to stop the playmaker that we have been dying the death of 1,000 paper cuts. Quit worrying about Megatron, may or may not – Reggie will be Reggie – beware of Joquie Bell (another of the Saint connections) and the ability to keep a drive alive.

Coming off the bye, road game gris-gris– The Saints have a perfect record since 2008 in winning the week after the bye. The Saints are 4-0 versus the Lions, Drew has never lost to the Lions, Stafford has never beaten the Saints. This is a game that the odds can stack against our Saints – they need to make certain they don’t.

I am expecting big things, a full re-set for our team. I know that puts tons of pressure on our coaches and our leaders – we start the season today………Saints 34 – Lions 21 ….. if I am wrong, it is my computers fault!