Was Jahri Evans Dominated by Gerald McCoy?

When I first read an article by Larry Holder stating Jahri Evans was dominated by Gerald McCoy, I was confused. In the midst of the first quarter of film study, I didn’t see the same thing Holder saw.

“Certain players shined, others not so much. It really depended on the specific play for someone such as perennial All-Pro guard Jahri Evans. …. Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy chewed up Evans for much of the game, and yet Evans steamrolled two Bucs defenders on touchdowns for Pierre Thomas and the game-winner for Khiry Robinson.”

But I was still in the first quarter of study so perhaps McCoy wore Jahri down over time.   But after watching the entire game footage at half speed, I still don’t see it.  Did McCoy beat Jahri at times?  Yes, but he did not chew up McCoy for much of the game.  When McCoy did beat Evans, it resulted in a negative play.  I think this is what Holder saw and why Evans got a poor rating over all from ProFootball Focus for the game.  But these plays do not represent the entire game for Evans.  When I envision Evans being chewed up — it does not show up on film.

Evans had 93 snaps during the game and perhaps got beat by McCoy five or six times.  Also, he beat McCoy a fair number of times as well.   It should be noted Evans and McCoy did not line up against each other for each snap.  Evans saw a fair number plays by other Bucs defensive players.

Additionally, the Saints were setting up screens, and the tactic is to allow the defensive linemen to believe they are getting penetration in order to misdirect them.

With Jonathan Goodwin in the game in the first half or so, McCoy had a hard time penetrating.  When center duties switched to Tim Lelito, there was a loss of gap integrity but once that was cleaned up McCoy had a less direct route to Drew Brees. Toward the end of the game, McCoy was more successful  when he got between Zach Strief and Jahri Evans on Evans’ right shoulder.  When he was less successful, McCoy’s indirect route around Evans allowed Evans to steer McCoy around Brees.

Here is the tape.  Decide for yourself and see if the moniker placed on Evans was the result of the looking at the failed plays and not the whole body of work for Evans for the afternoon.  If anyone has played on the offensive line or has some insight into Evans’ play let me know.  But I would hardly say “McCoy chewed up Evans for much of the game.”