A Heartbeat was found – A Comncnts Opinion

A win is a win – a win that was sorely needed, in fact required.  While I hoped for a fast, efficient offense that rushed to an early lead and coasted into the fourth quarter – that was not in the case.   I am not certain if the Bucs are better than I expected or we are still struggling that bad, but that game was a mess.   My dreams of it getting easier don’t appear to be in the cards.

All season I have looked for someone to throw-down the gauntlet and lead the team.  Each week we waited, each week I looked for that player …. He came alive last week and it was Mr. Reliable – Pierre Thomas.   The play of KRob, the interception by PRob, and the appearance of the real Mr. Vacarro were all welcome sights.  BUTT, nothing was better than watching one of our quiet leaders, take the ball, and with skill and determination made things happen.  The OL blocked better, they got down-field, they held the block, wide-receivers were blocking down field, and the coaches decided to give the running game a chance.   With determination and desire, PT put the Saints and the WhoDat Nation on his back and was committed to not allow the team to lose.  Thanks, PT, we have been looking for you!

Here is hoping that pulling that one out of the fire will build confidence and desire for our team after the bye.  The schedule gets tougher starting next week, we need all we can muster.  The second quarter of the season starts with a win.  This quarter has two road games left and a big home game against the over-rated Packers.   The team’s playoff hopes are in their hands –This quarter is all Conference opponents, two are division opponents.  If we felt there is ever a quarter we need to go 4-0, this maybe it.  Let’s hope the coaches are digging into film, finding the right rotation and game-plan that will help our team bring home wins.