What is up with Rob Ryan’s defense?  You will not convince me that Ro Harp and Malcom Jenkins were that big a loss.   I do believe that losing Jabari this year was not a loss we expected or wanted.  While P Rob takes the brunt of most of our distain – somebody please explain to me where the pass rush has gone?  In today’s NFL, you must pressure the passer, because the defense can only cover them for a limited amount of time.

As irritating as this defense has performed the first two weeks, some of the blame has to go to the offense.  What has been the cornerstone of the best era in Saints history has been offensive genius, solid execution, and outstanding production.  We have literally taken for granted that Drew, Colston, Graham, and company will impact.  We are a team that is built to score.  When we score less than 30 and lose the turnover battle, we under-perform.

And that brings me to coaching.  I don’t want to get down on the staff, but they have looked under prepared for both games.  I am a little tired of the “controlled” and generic responses about the performance.  Innovation, aggression, execution, and preparation have been hallmarks of the Saint’s wins in the past.  Now we appear to be play with a fear of losing, afraid of making mistakes, giving up a big play.  Guess what, we end up with too many punts and while protecting the deep, we are getting sliced-up by one thousand paper cuts.

I do believe that the first week our boys were feeling it just got away, sloppy play and we lose on a field goal at OT – no big deal.   I believe they are embarrassed how they responded to the Browns.  They must get it back and it must come this Sunday, in the Dome – just what the doctor ordered; a home game.

BUTT, (with a nod to WDW tradition) there is no place like home – Dome sweet Home.   It is time for our team to have its Oz moment.  Not Dr. Oz, but the day we show up with a Brain, some Courage, and a Heart.

Let’s hope this week is as pretty as last week was ugly.

Keys To The Game

GET OFF THE FIELD – we cannot win any game until we can hold them on third down and make them punt.

TAKING CONTROL – Whether we start on offense or defense – we need to play angry, fast, and screaming.  It is time to take control of a game on the road and dominate.

DEFENSIVE FRONT PLAY – No AP, but strong defensive front play will set the tone for the defense.  The first two games they have played un-inspired and ineffective.  Time to get right.

OWN IT – Finally the home opener.  We need to own this game from the start, put our foot down and not ever let them up.  This game needs to be one to build on.

PREDICTION – We just can’t have our hearts broken three weeks in a row…. Can we?

You will have to excuse a short opinion this week and a miss for next week.  We leave in the next few hours for a week in Paris.  I will be able to see most of today’s game before we board.  We will land in Dallas next Sunday at 3 PM with just enough time to get to Jerry’s World for the Saints second consecutive victory.

I know it is too early and we are too talented to being thinking that this is a must win…BUTT our (mine and yours) mental makeup cannot handle a loss this week. It is Get Right Day! Saints 41 – Vikings 17.

Postscript – After the Thursday game, I come away still thinking the Falcons are not that good, but the Bucs maybe that bad.  Lovie looked like a man lost?   The one thing I am certain of – I never want to hear a Falcon fan whine about the game we had in the dome, the day Drew was breaking the record.  We had a very legit reason to score and after the record, we pulled back.  Falcon fans and press cried and whined for months.  Up 35 nothing at the start of the game the Falcons were still throwing deep.  I really despise those a-holes — karma is a b*tch — just ask Roger.