Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell

Jeff Duncan (JD!) of wrote an interesting article on the Ray Rice situation.  I thought he made good points and observations.  I did take issue with his call for an independent investigation.  There is nothing independent involving the NFL.  I am most angry that the Commissioner that missed this, is also the Commissioner that was riding the “morale wagon” during bountygate.

Below are copies of a long rebuttal I put to Mr. Duncan’s article.   For me, it is time for the Commissioner to be gone – either by taking the “morale high-ground” and admitting his actions have damaged “the shield” and resign or the owners should take him out.

What a great time to appoint Condoleeza Rice the Commissioner!

Big Ben (Ben Watson) not only brings out a reasoning, but we are a society of second chances.  That plays deeper if Rice had come clean in the early investigation… video or no video, “I was wrong”, leave of absence, counselling, would have been better course than “I was defending myself”.  Mr. Rice, his advisors, led him down a path of less than full disclosure, the legal system gave him a pass due to celebrity, he used his employer and got his team to stand in support, based on less than honest account.  

The NFL and the Ravens are late to the party and there is no excuse of the actions they took.  It was still too much about winning – I sense the 49ers suffer from the same affliction.  Time will tell.  The action to day was too late and forced response for self-preservation.  

Do not spin us, the “we did not see the video” excuse.  If TMZ can get it – you could have.  That is just weak. All of your actions today are reactions.  Get in front of something for once.   BTW – that approach would have been better for our team in the bountygate.

The greatest frustration for me …. the man that destroyed a season in our prime, based on an investigation prowess, with little rock solid evidence, to get this one wrong screams how wrong he could have been in that investigation. Jonathan Vilma and Scott Fujita helped establish that the NFL investigation was more about backing up RG’s claims than it was real investigative work.

If the NFL (Roger and investigators) did not see this tape  – the investigative staff is inept and should be terminated.  This video was rumored to be there, TMZ found it — where are Sean Pamphilon and the rest of the talking heads?  The silence has been deafening.  ESPN has been more worried about a 7th round draft pick than doing real work.

If the NFL (Roger and investigators) did see this tape – how could they in good conscience of a son, father, brother, or husband – not take today’s action earlier.   If you could do it today, you could have done it in May — the only change is you were shown to be ineffective, lazy, or covering up.   

Fire GoodellJeff Duncan, what inside the NFL over the last five years indicates the existence and effectiveness of an “independent investigation?”  In RG’s words, it is all about “protecting the shield”.   This gross misstep should only result in the resignation of or the immediate firing of the Commissioner and a complete re-tooling of the investigate arm/process.   

The press should not allow this new drug proposal to take this off the front page — do not let NFL management control the message — take it to them,  Ray Rice is not the only person guilty in this incident.