The curious case of Ryan Griffin While yesterday’s move of waiving Ryan Griffin with a view of sending him to the practice squad might seem a bit surprising, and risky at a first glance, i think there is some method in the Saints madness.

First of all – Nobody has been sent to injured reserve (IR) so far–either to return during the season or to end their season. Popular wisdom, me included, saw that as a way to clear a spot in order to sign a kicker. They did resign Shayne Graham but not the way people thought. While IR could still happen, this could point to the fact that three possible players could land there (Erik Lorig, Khairi Fortt and Marcus Ball) are getting healthy (or at least healthier) after all. If not mistaken, Fortt was already doing some light work at the end of camp. Maybe Lorig’s injury doesn’t warrant him to be out till November and less so all season.  They sent promising Pierre Warren to the practice squad, which i think should speak favorably for Marcus Ball’s status–they expect Ball back. All this is speculation of course. Also – the fact that Robert Meachem has been cut should bode well for Kenny Still’s status.

As for young Griffin, they are betting that the main suitor of him (QB needy Rams) had just claimed Case Keenum on waivers from the Texans, and given the fact that, in general, rosters should be set ahead of week one especially at the quarterback position, I think Griffin will clear waivers.  Once he is on the PS, the Saints will be able to add him to active roster at the first sign of trouble.

As for the vets cut so far (Champ Bailey, Robert Meachem, Keyunta Dawson), I suspect we haven’t seen the last of any of them. Resigning some of them on a need-basis after week one gets the team off the hook for their guaranteed salary. All in all, it seems the team is getting healthier at the right time. And is wily than ever.