Mandeville camp


After sitting in traffic I finally made it to the north shore to meet up with or friend Okielou who had told me when I was driving the Causeway that it was getting packed at Mandeville high school stadium but when I turned down the road to park I could hear the crowd reassuring that it was going to be a monster turnout. This was completely different from the day before in Metairie at Saints camp when I seen one of the smallest crowds in recent memory. Like always I’m sure I missed a few things and probably made a mistake or two so if you see one please let me know and I will correct it.   Here is my Saints training camp report.

6:41 PM
The team buses arrive cutting starting time a little close, the players pretty much just got off of the bus with their pads in hand and got dressed on the field, the players are in shorts with shoulder pads so no hard-hitting tonight.

7:01 PM
Special team walk throughs start, punt formations.

7:10 PM
11 on 11 walk throughs start with goal line drills on both sides of the field, they work from 15, 10 and five yards out and keep repeating until the drill ends at 7:21 PM

7:22 PM
Stretching begins and ends at 7:30 PM

7:30 PM
The wide receivers work on their route tree assignments at about half speed. The tight ends work on their foot agility while catching short passes. The individual running back drill starts. One on one defensive backs vs wide receiver line jam drill starts, this is pretty much a press coverage technique drill, extending the arms and inside or outside moves. The defensive line gets into foot work drills while the defensive backs work on back peddling and turn around ball recognition drills.

7:39 PM
The wide receivers work on their route running again and the offensive linemen work on a hand technique drill, it ends at 7:44 PM

7:45 PM
11 on 11 run drills start-up (you have to take into consideration there is no tackling) Mark Ingram gets this already loud crown going with a nice run that would have gone for 75 yards, Keenan Lewis had the angle and probably would have caught him before he scored but let up at the end. Pierre Thomas showing some good moves in traffic. Mark Ingram with a nice snag in traffic, like Okielou told me, they have to get Ingram involved more in the passing game and I agree 100% Ronald Powell burst through the line and would have thrown Travaris Cadet for a 5 yard loss. Cadet redeems himself showing real good speed getting outside for a long gain. Drill ends at 7:53 PM

7:56 PM
Special team drills start back up (yawn) 2 on 1 gunner drills start on one side of the field and punt formations on the other side. Jairus Byrd, Travaris Cadet, Joe Morgan and Kenny Stills take turns fielding punts. Drill ends at 8:06 PM

8:07 PM
7 on 7 drills start, mainly red zone stuff. Travaris Cadet with a pass on a rope by Drew Brees over the middle for the score. Brees hits Marques Colston over the middle, it was more of a dump off because all his primary targets were covered. Jimmy Graham with the corner of the end zone TD – Corey White on the coverage. Good coverage as Brees scrambles and tries to fit one in to Joe Morgan on the sidelines but he couldn’t pull it in. And the what we have been waiting for, Jairus Byrd with the end zone interception off of Brees, nice read by Byrd. Ryan Griffin hit Nick Toon on a slant pass for a TD. Griffin to TE Josh Hill for the touchdown – Trevin Wade on the coverage. A scrambling Griffin finds Nic Jacobs for the TD. Griffin finds Derrick Strozier on the sidelines and he turns it up field for the touchdown showing real good quickness. The drill ends with Griffin finding Travis Beckum in the back corner of the end zone for the score.

8:21 PM
11 on 11 start at midfield. Drew Brees finds Marques Colston over the middle for about 12 yards. Brees the finds Colston again for about twenty over the middle, the crowd erupts. Cam Jordan would have had the sack on Drew Brees who then turns it up field for about 30 yards as everybody laughs at him. Ryan Griffin finds Brandon Coleman for a nominal gain. Griffin find Khiry Robinson on a little out route as LB Kevin Reddick give him a little shot. Jairus Byrd with his second interception of the day, this time a long one as he made it a point to bring it all the way back to the end zone even though the play was over. Logan Kilgore would have been sacked by Kasim Edebali.

8:30 PM
11 on 11 goal line starts up with a nice touchdown by Nick Toon. Benjamin Watson has a ball go off his finger tips (should have caught it) and pops up right into the waiting arms or Rafael Bush. Tim Lelito snaps the ball over Luke McCown‘s head. Brandon Coleman almost makes a spectacular catch in the corner of the end zone but can’t get both feet down. Luke McCown would have been sacked by Kasim Edebali and George Uko. Travaris Cadet has nowhere to run, the defense stretched it out nicely. A sideline pass to Kenny Stills but Brian Dixon would have tackled him for a short gain.

8:41 PM
Special team drills start again, more punt and kick off alignment type of stuff with an assortment of weird little drills mixed in.

8:53 PM
Practice ends

Whelp that’s a wrap, it was fun hooking up with Okielou for the practice. I also had my nephew Brandon who is a professional photographer out there taking pictures, he has to format them to fit this site but when they are ready I will post them. KTDL just informed me that practice is closed tomorrow so the next time I will be out there is Monday, so until then, as always……WHO DAT!!!