From time to time our friend Okielou will drop by and do a guest piece for WhoDatWarriors, these are his thoughts on training camp in West Virginia. Okielou make some good points on the team being undisciplined, hope you enjoy.
Everyone and I mean everyone from the Sean Payton down to the least interested WhoDat has had something to say about the lack of discipline the Saint Players have shown in their first two preseason games.
We have heard nothing but praise about Green Briar since day one of Training camp. We have heard how great the facilities are, both natural grass and artificial turf fields have been praised, right down to the well manicured Golf course, to the Flowered wall paper on the rooms with flowered sheets, bed spreads and WiFi–all the conveniences of home.
I always thought the reason to take Training camp away from home was to get away from all these distractions.
I can just see the look on all of our military WhoDat fans out there when they think back to Boot Camp.
The Company Commander or Drill Sargent, whatever the case may be, has you out on the grinder all day trying to make you tough, making you sweat until you don’t think there is any fluid left in your body and then at the end of the day you go to your private dorm room with flowered wall paper, nice flowed sheets and flowered bedspreads, and have a nice relaxing evening. I can just see how mentally tough our military would be in that case. Some may say that this is not the military and this is not boot camp. This is true, but it should be.
These players go to war for 3 hours every Week, be it Thursday, Sunday or Monday night. If they are not mentally tough as well as physically tough, the best Play Book in the world is not going to be any good to anyone.
After practice the players should go back to a barracks with drab walls and bunk beds. They should eat in a mess hall, without pretty little waitress waiting on them. For entertainment they could read their play book. For three weeks there should be nothing but Football, Football, Football.
Maybe it shouldn’t be to this extreme, but I think you get my point.
Even though I’m sure the NFLPA, or the ALCU would step in and say it is inhumane to treat the players to a boot camp environment it would indeed teach Discipline. Discipline is all mental and when these players leave the practice field and go to their plush rooms–with this environment they tend to get too relaxed.
We have seen how sloppy the first two preseason game were, the second one worse than the first, so it is apparent they didn’t learn much between the first game and the second one. They came back home from their little fantasy world at Green Briar to the real world relaxed with their wives or girlfriends. They had one day to get their minds back to football. The point is they have not yet got their heads back into football.
I hope this has been a lesson for Sean Payton. He is right he is at fault. It isn’t all him but it starts with him. From him down through his coordinators, assistant coach’s down through his veteran players in the locker room.
Things need to toughen up at Green Briar if they are going to come back home disciplined.