The following is an analysis of Mark Ingram plays in Saints Rams preseason game.  Ingram played with decision and passion.  He was effective behind a makeshift offensive line with Jahri Evans and Ben Grubbs out.  The zone blocking scheme implemented by Offensive line coach Brett Ingalls is beginning to show its effectiveness.

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Run 1

2014_PreS_Rams_Ingram_1_First_FrameAlong the OLine, Jimmy Graham, Zach Strief, Marcel Johes, Tim Lelito (Center), Senio Kelemente, and Terron ArmsteadAustin Johnson is in at full back.   Mark Ingram run is to the left.

Graham is just looking for someone to practice blocking on.  Strief is his usual solid self.  Jones runs up the field to engage the defense.  Kelemente also runs up field.  Armstead tangles with a defensive lineman (Sims).  Ingram runs behind Johnson for a 5 yard gain.


Run 2

2014 PreS Rams Ingram 2Strief, Jones, Lelito(C), Kelemente, Armstead, Nic Jacobs (TE), Graham.  No full back.  Ingram runs left between blocks by Jacobs and Graham for 19 yards.



Run 3

2014 PreS Rams Ingram 3The entire OLine moves in unison.  Football ballet.  Along the line are Strief, Jones, Lelito (C), Kelemente, Armstead, Graham.  Johnson in at full back.  Ingram runs behind Johnson left for 6 yard gain.   Good gap integrity by the offense.

Run 4

2014_PreS_Rams_Ingram_4_First_FrameBen Watson, Thomas Welch, Jason Weaver, Jonathan Goodwin (C), Kelemente, Bryce Harris along the OLine.  Johnson in at full back.  Ingram runs to right for a minus 4 yards.  Bad blocks by Johnson, Weaver, and Kelemente allow Rams to penetrate.

Run 5

2014 PreS Rams Ingram 5Ingram gets a good 5 yards running to the right behind blocks from Weaver, Welch and Johnson.

Run 6

2014 PreS Rams Ingram 6Ingram runs left behind Bryce Harris for 8 yards.

Run 7

2014 PreS Rams Ingram 7Ingram runs right behind Weaver, Welch, Nic Jacobs (TE) and Hill.  Weaver opens up a hole, Ingram spins out of a tackle and gets 22 yards.

Run 8 – Last Run and a TD

2014 PreS Rams Ingram 8Ingram runs right behind full back Johnson and cuts back into an open lane for the touchdown.

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