Today we have a guest writer for WhoDatWarriors, Oakielou, Lou is going to share his thoughts on the job Sean Payton has done in his eight year tenure as the coach of the New Orleans Saints


Sean Payton came to the New Orleans Saints in 2006 fresh from a very successful career as the Offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys under the guidance of Bill Parcells (the Big Tuna). Any coach that has had the opportunity to coach and learn under the wings of Bill Parcells has a very good chance to become a very succesful coach in the NFL.

Sean Payton is no exception. You took what he learned and put it together with his own skills and knowledge of football and took a  team that was down on itself and turned it into one of the most Elite teams in the NFL.

The Saints were not Sean Payton first choice, He was very strong in his desire to go to the Green Packers, but the Packers decided to go with Mike McCarthy, who in his own right has done just about as good a job with the Pack as Sean Payton has done with the Saints.

Sean Payton was hired by the  New Orleans Saints and didn’t waste any time,  he took a team that had a record of 47-53 over the previous 6 years with a 2005 record of 3-13 and turned them into a playoff team with a 10-6 record, won the teams first playoff game and went to the NFC championship game in Chicago 39-14.
This was still a great accomplishment taking a team with a 3-13 record the year before and fighting for a chance to got to the Super Bowl.

We all know the story of Sean Payton from that point up to now.

Just to compare Sean Payton success to some other coach’s that have had some success with their teams right away.

Barry Switzer took over the Cowboy’s as HC in 1994 that was 13-3 in 1992 and 12-4 in 1993 with 2 Super Bowl wins built by Jimmy Johnson. Of course he went to the Super Bowl. With that team it was almost impossible not to go to the Super Bowl.

George Seifert took over 49’ers as HC in 1989 that was 13-2 in 1987 and 10-6 in 1988 with a Superbowl win built by Bill Walsh, the builder of the foundation that several NFL have built their teams on today.

Mike Tomlin took over Steelers as HC in 2007, even though the Steeler’s record was only 8-8 in 2006, it was the same team that was 15-1 in 2004 and 11-5 in 2005 and won the Super Bowl.

Mike McCarthy took the HC (2006) job at the Pack under similar  circumstances as Sean Payton. The team he took over did have a better record than the Saints. The pack was 4-12 in 2005, but the previous 2 years had the same 10-6 record.

This is just to point out the fantastic job that Sean Payton has done in his 8 years with the Saints.

His record would be even greater as we all know if a certain person in New York had not flexed his EGO muscles and did a slam dunk on the team. It will never be forgotten, but Sean came back last year and showed it has made the Saints a better team.


Here is a clip with Sean Payton going over a game plan with Drew Brees the night before a game, enjoy.