During postgame interviews Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett described Saints tightend Jimmy Graham as “soft and overrated.”

Graham was targeted six times catching only one pass for just 8 yards.

When asked by a reporter why he felt that Graham was a non factor in the divisional round of the playoffs Bennett responded: “Because he’s overrated. If he doesn’t get a chance to get the ball that’s all he can really do. He doesn’t really help in the blocking game you know so I think he’s overrated and I’m not scared to say that on TV either.” Truly fearless this one.

“If he doesn’t get a chance to get the ball” is an interesting choice of words. Particularly from a member of a defense that is well known for constantly harassing, interfering with and holding opposing teams’ receivers well past the 5 yards from the line of scrimmage allowed by league rules.

This season Graham had 86 receptions for 1,215 yards and a league leading 16 touchdowns. The urge to be unconventional while defending against him is understandable; but, if you have to cheat in order to be successful against the leagues best tightend over the last 3 years that doesn’t make you a baller. That just makes you a cheater.