Doh! make him stop! the egg should massage Mike Smith's feet for life for writing such lame trash

Doh! make him stop! the egg should massage Mike Smith’s feet for life for writing such lame trash


Before I get to my extremely incorrect horrible NFL picks I would like to share a few thoughts on the Saints win over the Falcons. Since the NFL is not going to stop broadcasting Thursday night games how about scheduling non conference opponents. Let’s face it, these games are a watered down product. Even though the win against the Falcons didn’t have division implications it could have and in that scenario do we really want two teams running on empty from three days rest to strap it up with so much on the line? The answer is no, it’s not fair to the players (not to mention health issues) nor the fans. The logical thing to do with any Thursday night game would have both teams that are playing have a bye week prior to the game. That will never happen because in the NFL money trumps logic every time.

Moving on…question, how big has Keyunta Dawson played these last two games? Against the 49rs he teamed up with Junior Galette in one of the biggest plays of the game; sacking Colin Kaepernick on the 49rs last possession to pin them deep in Saints territory, it was a huge play. Against Atlanta he came up with perhaps the biggest play of the game; with Atlanta driving deep in Saints territory late in the game Dawson strips the ball from Atlanta receiver Darius Johnson and Corey White recovers. Two huge plays when the games were on the line, big props to this young man who the Saints signed on October 8th after he was released by the Tennessee Titans.

I also have to give a shout out to Pierre Thomas; year in year out this guy brings his A game. The value that Pierre brings to the Saints is immeasurable, after just a few days rest he ran hard and at times carried the team on his back. Case and point with the Saints backed up at their own 15 yard line facing a 2nd and 17 Pierre goes off tackle and then absolutely abuses Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant with a vicious stiff arm to pick up the first down. It was a thing of beauty and even if Pierre doesn’t get the credit he deserves nationally, the Who Dat Nation appreciates his lunch pale blue-collar work ethic.

Alright kiddo’s time to move on and get ready to skin some Seahawk hide in Seattle next week but before we do that you know what time it is, it’s time to scrape up all of your Christmas money and place it on the eggs® Sledgehammer Knee cap – Cracking NFL locks of the week.

The Raiders +1 over the Titans in Oakland  Good God I would rather have my face ripped off and then breaded with bird seeds and thrown into the West Metairie canal so Pierre the Pelican can peck my eyes out than to watch this trash. Yes folks this will be unbearable to watch but I have a feeling Raiders quarterback Matt McLovin  McGloin will do just enough against the stinky cheese eating rat Gregg Williams defense. Is there a more boring team in the NFL than the Titans? Okay maybe the Browns but my point is watching grass grow is more exciting than watching these bums by a wide margin and because of my fatalistic ways, I can’t wait.

As for the Raiders, what the hell is going on over there? Their entire franchise has been sucked into the black hole where it’s been chewed up, regurgitated and spewed out as John Madden’s turkey vomit. Saints fans should heed warning on what has happened in Oakland, they have been kicking the salary cap can down the road and when it finally caught up with them this is what you get; something we think is football, it kind of looks like football heck it even resembles football (not really) but it’s not football. It’s a warmed over collection of Warren Sapp bath tub rings scraped up and spread on a piece of burnt toast served to you on a silver and black platter courtesy of the NFL….enjoy.

The 49rs -5 ½ over the Redskins in Washington  Gaahh! I can’t believe I just pick San Francisco, Lord help me, for my penance I will say twelve Hail Mary’s and then proceed to smash all of my typing finger tips with a 16 ounce ball pen hammer. Not enough you say? Okay I will do it while listening to Barry Manilow eight track tapes. I want them to win; I really do, that way maybe just maybe their fan base will stop the incessant weeping. STOP THE CRYING!…JUST STOP. These so-called “fans” are giving the Vikings fan base a run for their money as the biggest titty babies in the league, no Minnesota I haven’t forgotten 2009 when the tears shed by your pathetic fan base is still the high water mark for whining .

The real reason I picked the 49rs is because the Redskins are a mess, Chief red face Mike Shanahan is just a shell of himself from his Super Bowl winning days. Just as it happens to players when they can’t keep up in the NFL anymore, it happens to coaches too. I pray that 20 years from now coach Payton realizes when it time for an old goat to be put out in the pasture you go gracefully and then go on TV, except you Tom Coughlin you are a freak of nature with your cryonic head. Seriously though RGthree  needs to keep his interception throwing mouth shut, leadership in the locker room and on the field goes a long way it what it takes to be successful in the NFL year after year. Hell I can’t do it after all so I’m changing my pick….screw the 49rs, the Redskins win 17 to 14.

Whelp there it is my Falcon hating circle of Who Dats, we have a bit of a break coming up before the Saints travel up to the great North West to snap the beak off of Marshawn Lynch and throw skittles at Easter Island Head Pete Carroll. I have a real good feeling about the Saints chances up there, the Seahawks should be afraid of the Saints. We are coming and won’t be denied and with that, as always…WHO DAT!!!!