This moron they call the egg just won't stop with his garbage...somebody make him stop!

This moron they call the egg just won’t stop with his garbage…somebody make him stop!

What a difference a week makes, from a mistake prone disaster in New York New Jersey to a complete drubbing of the Cowgirls on national TV. There’s something about playing in that Dome at night that is completely unexplainable, I mean how do you explain holding Tony Romo to twenty yards passing in the first half to Mark Ingram getting possessed by Walter Payton in the second half? I guess some things you don’t try to explain and just enjoy the ride….screw that, I will tell you what happened in the Dome Sunday night, the Cowgirls suck that’s what happened.

It’s time to put that blow-out behind you and ratchet up your revenge week mojo because Lord knows the Saints need to put a good old fashion spanking on the hated 49rs. When you hear the coaches and players speak they give you the standard generic lines “one game at a time” “we’re focused on this game not what happened in the past” “Jim Harbaugh is a worthless scumbag bum” Blah blah blah…. This game is about revenge and don’t think Sean Payton hasn’t had this one circled since Greg Williams blew the playoff game when his ego refused to listen to common sense. You know what? Sean Payton has an ego too, a big fat arrogant ego. I guarantee he wants to humiliate the 49rs and send them back to California beaten, bruised and embarrassed.

Some might say it’s too early for must win games and to that I say bull this is a must win game in the big picture but more importantly it’s a must win game because the egg® has been waiting all year for this one. But before I go any further about this game I have a couple of gems to discuss and yes they involve all three of the NFC South’s teams so let’s let the horrifying picks begin and with that I present to you the eggs® sledgehammer knee cap-cracking NFL locks of the week.

The Bucs (pick) over the Falcons in Tampa Bay Jeeze where do I begin with this train wreck? This one’s a coin toss, the only reason I’m picking the horrid Bucs is because it would complete Atlanta’s imploding meltdown. Let’s face it Author Blank is evil just look at his mug shot, you can’t tell me he doesn’t conjure up images of him in his dungeon brewing up evil experiments with his exotic collection of Iron Maidens, guillotines, chains and saw like instruments. Him and his evil empire (Editors note: his evil empire really has some nice hardwood flooring, I’m a little lighter in the pocket but it was worth it) will fall under the weight of Matt Ryan’s ridiculous overstuffed contract. Truth be told the Falcons are looking at a top five draft choice right now, they have been over hyped (I’m looking at you Pete Prisco) from the get go and will be lucky to win another game and that right there has a grin on my face that will last until the start of next year’s season.

Don’t think for one second I’m laying off the Bucs, I’m not. The only reason they chalked up their first win of the season last week is because Miami has morphed into one huge clown convention that isn’t even funny. The Bucs still blow harder than the winds of typhoon Haiyan and there’s no reason to believe that super jerk Schiano has turned it around, he hasn’t but neither has the equally horrible Falcons. This game will come down to a field goal so with that I’m predicting the Bucs win a close one with a late Matt Ryan interception being the difference…the Bucs 3 the Falcons 0.

The Patriots +2 ½ over the Panthers in one of those Carolina states that nobody gives a rat’s butt about  I’m picking Tom Brady’s hair to win this one, I mean I have been trying to figure out all year how the Patriots keep winning and that the best solution I can come up with. It makes absolutely no sense how they are able to keep winning, if you can come up with a better answer please let me know. Now I have to give credit where credit is due, the Panthers defense looked awfully good last week dismantling the 49rs in San Francisco, that defensive front is no joke. But I have a feeling there will be a letdown this week because we all know Cam Newton and his itty bitty tiny ears is not the most mature player to step on the field. In fact I think Tom Brady’s hair will have a breakout game, as good as Carolina’s defensive front is their secondary is just as much suspect. Plus this isn’t Colin Kaepernick we are talking about; Tom Brady’s hair won’t panic when his number one read is covered so I’m going to predict a double-digit win for the Patriots….New England 31 Carolina 20.

Your New Orleans Saints -3 over the 49rs in the Thunder Dome™ I absolutely love the Saints in this game, this beat down will send shock waves through the NFL. “But egg it’s the big bad 49rs” get out of here with that garbage and I’m going to tell you why. Yes the 49rs won the last two games but were they the better team? No and I’m not going to rehash the games that we all saw but I can tell you from top to bottom personnel wise the Saints are more talented and coach Payton blows away coach Harbaugh with his play calling. The Saints got rid of an egotistical buffoon DC and a deer in the head lights can’t adjust defensive coordinator and replaced them with someone who knows his personnel’s strengths and how to pull the trigger at the right moment. Case and point, with Romo backed up against his goal line looking at a 3rd and long, Rob Ryan pulls out the amoeba and all Romo could do was throw it away… the only time he used it all game, brilliant.

Yes I am wearing my homerism on my sleeve but so what, even non Saints fans know what the 49rs are going to try to do; run the football and play solid defense. Problem with that is what do they do when they get down by 10 or 14 points? Put it on Kaepernick’s arm to beat you? Good luck with that, I think Ryan will dial up some looks that will confuse him and force him into mistakes, this time the 49rs make the critical turnovers not the Saints. The 49rs have issues with getting the ball down the field and they will surely look to the Jets blue print in beating the Saints; keep Drew Brees off the field by controlling the clock. Problem is the Saints have been deadly in the Dome this year and nobody has been able to put the clamps on the Saints offense. It won’t happen this week as the Saints control the game from the onset…the Saints win 31 to 16.

Well there it is kiddo’s another episode of uselessness and I won’t fail you this week because Lord knows I have in the past but the aura of my mojo is strong this week and the Saints will destroy. This is the time of the season that we have all circled when the schedule was first announced so enjoy the ride my Who Dat Nation friends and don’t forget to shout at the top of your lungs Sunday evening when all is said and done……WHO DAT!!!! Not the 49rs that’s for sure.