Well it looks like the Saints had their annual football clunker last Sunday, I hoping it didn’t happen like it has every year since the Saints won the Super Bowl but in the back of my mind I knew they would lay a stinker this season. If there is a recipe for disaster the Saints had all the ingredients served cold on a platter of screw ups. Lose the turn over battle…check, Commit stupid penalties (9 for 59)…check, allow Brees to be hit and pressured multiple times…check, let the Jets run the ball to the tune of 198 yards when everyone on the planet knew they were going to run the ball…check and last but not least, some of the most questionable play calling that I’ve ever witnessed in the Sean Payton era.

From the opening kickoff I never felt comfortable watching this game, most games in the Sean Payton era I knew they would kick it in gear sooner or later, not this one because what I saw was the Saints getting whipped in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Of course the most obvious concern would be the offensive line; the other aspects of the game can be fixed. Cut the stupidity out (turnovers and penalties) don’t try to outsmart yourself (play calling) and don’t over pursue and take bad angles when defending the run. The offensive line however may not be able to be fixed, we are half way through the season and it’s not getting better. The main problem is that the pressure is coming up the middle and Brees has nowhere to step into, if he wasn’t so good you could tack on a dozen or so more sacks on him. I’m praying that Brian de la Puente and Ben Grubbs can get their act together and quit getting beat on a regular basis but I don’t see it, get used to it folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

No need to worry I’m not going to do any break downs of the offensive line getting beat, you don’t need to see a repeat of the obvious. What I’m going to look at today is the Jets having success running the ball, the first breakdown is bad technique by the defense and the second one is just great execution by the Jets offense.

7:34 left in the 1st quarter, Drew Brees had just thrown his first interception, and the Jets take over

Ivory run 1a In this shot you see six on the line of scrimmage but moments before the ball is snapped Curtis Lofton moves to the line as well (in front of #77) bring the number to seven leaving David Hawthorne by himself. Parys Haralson (circled) stunts on the play coming behind Lofton but overshoots his gap assignment…..

chris ivory 1b When Haralson overshot his gap Ivory doesn’t hesitate to hit his lane, by the time Hawthorne got over it was too late, Ivory shot through that hole like a cannon. WR Steven Hill does a great job of blocking two defenders, first Kennan Lewis and then….

ivory 1c Rafael Bush, Steven Hill pushed Kennan Lewis back enough and then set his eyes on Bush. This wasn’t a bad defensive call but a risky one because if Haralson over pursues like he did all he has to do is beat Hawthorne and Ivory’s in the secondary which is never good because as you can see after his first contact with Lewis he gained 12 more yards turning what should have been about a fifteen yard gain into a 27 yard run. If you want to relive the horror you can see it right HERE

14:57 left in the 2nd quarter, New York has the ball at their two yard line

ivory 2a This play is just great execution on the Jets part; sometimes you just got to take your hat off to the opposing team. At the snap LG Brian Winters pulls to the right to come up to block Curtis Lofton while RT Austin Howard and TE Zach Sudfeld double up on Akiem Hicks. Full back Tommy Bohanon comes up to take out Corey White.

ivory 2b It’s a numbers game you have four blocking three, Winter’s gets just enough of Lofton that when Ivory is hitting the hole he could only get one arm on him. Notice where Kenny Vacarro is, you have to love this young man’s hustle on the play.

ivory 2c Vacarro never quits on the play and in all likelihood saved a touchdown. Rafael Bush took a bad angle on the play and if he wouldn’t have probably would have made contact with Ivory around the 15 yard line, instead Ivory ran right past him. If you can stomach it, you can see the play right HERE

The Jets are a pretty good football team believe it or not with a lot of talent on the offensive and defensive lines and they show up to play last Sunday. I know I’m sounding real negative in this article and maybe I am but I have to be balanced in what I see, just as I highlight their good I have to shine the light on  their bad.

Okay enough of that, time to get my Cowboy hate on (as if it ever left) Primetime here we come dressed in all black, the Cowboys don’t stand a chance. I’m looking for a huge rebound from our boys in the Black and Gold; remember the last time the Saints played the Cowboys in primetime in the Super Dome? Me neither I tend to block traumatic events out. That night in 2009 the Cowboys ended the Saints perfect 13-0 record and….well we know what happened after that, history was made. I do not think Payton will be fooled this time and will have a great game plan for the Cowboys pass rush, Drew and Sean don’t forget. Alright gang I will be back a little later in the week with my horrible NFL picks and until then, as always…..WHO DAT!!!