Mark Ingram: Heavy emphasis on special teams today and tightening up offensive play calling and personnel rotations and substitutions.

Coach Payton: Spent more time on two minute drill. Worked on short yardage with no back offense and defense. Handfull of things needed to be cleaned up. Bad substitutions. Poor coverage on kicking team. Reverse set up was sloppy. Played well in the secondary. Younger receivers getting snaps along with growing pains. Preston, Kenny and Nick – overall encouraged in some areas. Coaching coming from film study and Payton has been teaching them individually. Some will make the team based on special team play. Can’t do well on offense or defense and not contribute on special teams. Happy defense settled down after 1st series. Payton was late getting calls into McCown. Wallace will play 2nd team this week.

Johnson and Wallace back at practice today. Vilma, Colston, Thomas, Galette, Olsen, Martez, Tiller and Shipman sat out. Being smart with rehab and coming back. Thomas and Galette not expected to be back on Monday.

Tuesday’s ‪#Saints practice will be moved indoors and closed to the public. Monday & Wednesday still outside/open to public

Curtis Lofton: Thought they tackled well and got off the field on third down. Got pressure on the QB. Slow getting in and out of huddle. Our offense gives us a lot of different looks each week. After first series, got more accustomed to new system and got better feel for game.

Jay Richardson: I played many different positions. Glad to be back in the game. (Humble and likeable guy). Three days into the Saints system before game day. Has been having fun here.

Preston Parker: All the receivers try to work hard and hard work pays off. You have to go 110% whether on offense or special team. Payton told him to continue doing what he is doing and finishing all of his plays. Really enjoying the experience of being with a team. Has played with Tampa Bay. Experience helps to relax before the game and take the pressure off. Tries to help the younger players with questions to take the pressure off. Got to pay the bills so I go up and get the ball. Being home made him cherish the game and the opportunity. New coaches did not want him but he played a lot in prior to their coming. He was an integral part of offense before then. He was home six or seven months. Said it was a reality check. Whatever they ask, I’m going to do it and get it done. (Nice, smart man.)