Camp Aug 7th 017

Whelp this is going to be my last camp report, it’s been a fun two weeks but to be honest with you I’m kind of glad it’s over. I would like to thank my partner in crime KTDL; she’s been a real trooper and much help with the information gathering. It’s been a grind but like I said it’s been fun. Today they moved the practice to the far field so my report will be somewhat brief.

Walking wounded: Today after practice we got some bad news, Joe Morgan (ACL) and Kenyon Coleman (Torn Pec.) were lost for the season. Ray Shipman, Martez Wilson and Tom Johnson were all held out. During practice the Saints lost a few more, Keenan Lewis, Junior Galette, Pierre Thomas, AJ Davis and Saalim Hakim all left practice early, we’ll know more on their injuries tomorrow, hopefully some are just heat related.

The Saints go through their regular pre-stretch routine, and then go to drills. In a first that I’ve seen at camp, the team does a Hail-Mary drill. What’s interesting about an otherwise boring drill is that Jimmy Graham goes on the defensive side of the ball and was guarding the goal line, not much got past him. Also one thing I loved seeing was Sean Payton giving real hands on teaching in the wide out drills, coach was even holding the tackling dummy while barking out specifics to the players.

7 on 7: Drew Brees starts it off with a short pass to Jimmy Graham. Brees to Watson on a nice long pass down the sideline. Brees short pass to Michael Higgins. Brees to Kenny Stills with a nice pass break up by Patrick Robinson. Good coverage down the field forces Brees to dump it off. Luke McCown is in; he hits Ben Watson down the middle in double coverage, nice grab by Ben. McCown to Pierre Thomas on a swing pass for a short gain. McCown to Jerrod Fayson, good concentration by Fayson to hold on to the ball as he is hit just as the ball arrives. AJ Davis with outstanding coverage on a deep ball to Courtney Roby. Seneca Wallace is in and his first pass is behind the receiver. He rebounds with a good throw down the sideline to Tim Toone with coverage by AJ Davis.

Side note: Chris Carr is getting work returning punts; if he makes the roster special teams may be his ticket.

11 on 11 team drills start. Brees starts it off with a short pass to Graham. Next, Mark Ingram is stuffed on a run for no gain. Brees then hits Sproles on a swing pass that goes for about 40 yards down the left side (no containment at all) Brees to Marques Colston down the middle over Malcolm Jenkins for about 20 yards. McCown on a swing pass to Travaris Cadet for about 10 yards. Isa Abdul-Quddus with a violent collision/pass break up on a bomb thrown by McCown. Cam Jordan with a hit in the backfield that would have resulted in a loss of yardage. Nice long sideline catch by Fayson with Chris Carr in coverage.

The Saints shift to some goal line work. Brees pass to Sproles for the TD. Brees throws incomplete to Jimmy Graham with good coverage from Keenan Lewis. McCown to Stills on a slant for the TD. McCown, under pressure is flushed from the pocket and he finds Roby for the TD, nice play on Luke’s part. Ryan Griffin to Cadet for no gain. Bad snap over the head of Grifffin. Griffin finds Josh Hill on a score to close out goal line.

11 on 11 two-minute drill: Brees to Graham on an out route for about 10 yards. Sproles for a small gain on a run up the middle.  Brees to a wide open Lance Moore down the middle. On back to back plays, Brees finds Graham for positive yardage. Hartley in for the field goal. McCown to Ben Watson for about 8 yards. McCown to Saalim Hakim on a beautiful sideline toe tapper for a medium gain (it was after this play that Hakim was helped indoors with a trainer. McCown incomplete over the middle. McCown to a wide open Roby on long ball that has busted coverage written all over it. Practice wraps up and to be honest I’m glad it did, this was the hottest day so far and the players were dropping left and right.

Well that’s it from camp today, if they move any practices to the evening next week, I’ll go back out for a report but if they don’t then that’s it for me this year. KTDL hinted she may come out next week, but if you read this KTDL, go as a fan. Enjoy your time, walk around, get autographs, just relax and soak it all in. So with that my friends, good-bye from camp and I will give you one more big…..WHO DAT!!!!!