Camp Aug 6th 043

After a couple of days off to recharge, KTDL and I was back at it and it was a scorcher out there today. I thought the team got in some good work today but I’m still seeing mistakes here and there, I guess only a couple of weeks into it, mistakes are to be expected.

Walking wounded: Andy Tanner, Eric Martin, Jonathan Vilma (probably just rest for JV) Tom Johnson, Ray Shipman, Martez Wilson and Joseph Morgan. I did not see Morgan at all so I’m guessing he was getting that second opinion on his injury.

The day starts off with drills, drills and more drills. I won’t bore you with it and get to some of the day’s action.

Just looking at newly acquired WR Steve Breaston, he’s running fluidly and is showing no signs of his knee problems. The team starts off with some WR/DB drills, recently brought back Brent Leonard with a nice double move that freezes Dion Turner for a long touchdown. Marques Colston is also looking good out there, his foot seems fine. Keenan Lewis with a nice pass break up on a ball intended for Kenny Stills. As the drill comes to a close, Lewis pulls Stills to the side and is working with the young rookie on proper technique, props to Lewis for taking the time.

7 on 7 starts. The Saints are doing a lot of red zone work. Drew Brees to Darren Sproles as the shifty back makes the first defender miss and picks up a good gain. Good coverage down field on the next play and Brees has to dump it off. A really nice diving catch by Courtney Roby five yards from the goal line. Brees throws a jump ball to Jimmy Graham in the crowd erupts. Marques Colston on a beautiful touchdown catch with Corey White covering. Luke McCown to Ben Watson up the middle for about 15 yards. Next McCown has to dump off the ball to Watson because of good down field coverage. McCown then throws a little swing pass to Mark Ingram who goes in for the score. Jim Leonhard in what looked like pass interference on Ben Watson in the end zone. Seneca Wallace is in and he quickly throws a strike to Brent Leonard for about 10 yards. Wallace to Austin Johnson on a little flair route that goes for about 15 yards.

One thing I’ve noticed since Morgan went down is that Kenny Stills is getting his reps with the first team; he seems to be catching on quickly.

Drew Brees is back in and quickly throw a TD to Graham who in turn spikes it again. On a pass completion to Stills, Lewis stings his hand on stills helmet, it takes him awhile but he shakes it off and stays on the field. Jabari Greer with good coverage on stills to deny him the ball. Brees hits Ben Watson for the score with good coverage, good hands for Ben. It looks like Patrick Robinson is working his way back up playing with the third unit. Tim Toone with a sweet grab in triple coverage, good hands to hang on after the hit.

11 on 11 team drills start. Curtis Lofton gets in on the action with a nice read to snuff out a run. Keenan Lewis with good coverage on Stills for the incompletion. Darren Sproles showing his speed and shiftiness on a nice run. Sproles again with a short pass over the middle. Kevin Reddick with some good run support. Akiem Hicks gives Travaris Cadet a little extra love tap as they go to the ground on a nice run by Cadet. Brees finds Jimmy Graham on a medium out route over Malcolm Jenkins. Courtney Roby burns Keenan Lewis on a catch and run that goes for a long score. McCown has to throw it away under pressure. McCown comes back with a frozen rope to Nick Toon for a long gain. Akiem Hicks with good penetration on the run stuff. Jason Smith is getting his reps at right tackle, which is no surprise; he’s really struggled over on the left side. Dion Turner comes up to pop Cadet in the back field on a little dump pass, nice play on his part. 11 on 11 two-minute drills start. Drew Brees is picked off by Roman Harper, who made a nice break on the ball. After Harper races down the sideline and is forced out, he throws the ball into the crowd, I think everyone in the place enjoyed that. McCown beats the blitz on a perfect play call: a screen to Pierre Thomas that was a long gain. To close out practice, Brees throws a long one down the middle to Lance Moore that he almost had but the coverage by White and Jenkins arrives just in time to disrupt a diving Moore.

That’s about it for the day, it was a pretty entertaining day out there, hot but entertaining none the less. KTDL and I will be back out tomorrow bright and early so with that said; you know what time it is…WHO DAT!!!!