camp day 8 004

Back at it for day eight of training camp. We were going to take the day off because tomorrows Black and Gold scrimmage is going to be a long day but after taking yesterday off, with a little arm twisting from KTDL, we decided to make the trek out to Saints camp. I’m glad we went, the crowd was smaller and even practice was a bit subdued. I have a feeling they held back some because tomorrow the hitting will be live in a controlled game type situation (except QB’s are off-limits)

Walking wounded: Curtis Lofton went back to work today but the others; Tom Johnson, Marques Colston, Ray Shipman, Seneca Wallace and Patrick Robinson were held out again. Colston and Robinson look like the closest to coming back; they both got individual drill work in with Colston taking in some route running and pass catching. Robinson also got in some drills with another coach.

I feel like a broken record but practice starts with the walk through and stretching and then to positional drills. In the DB/WR drill Jarred Fayson makes a really nice grab with Corey White all over him. Special teams start, it seems they spend more time on special teams than anything else, it’s probably not true but it sure seems that way.

They moved the team drills to the far field and we weren’t leaving the shade to go bake in the heat so my report isn’t as detailed as it has been or is going to be (tomorrow)

They start with some 7 on 7 goal line drills. Drew Brees to Jed Collins on a flair pass that wouldn’t have scored. Brees with an incomplete pass behind Darren Sproles. This time Brees connects with Sproles on a swing pass that scores. Joseph Morgan goes up high for an overthrown pass and comes down hard on his back; he’s a little slow to get up but looks to be fine. Nice touchdown catch by Chris Givens.

11 on 11 gets underway. Good defense by AJ Davis on a pass intended for Lance Moore. Another nice defensive play by Corey White to knock the ball down. A nice leaping sideline catch by TE Josh Hill. Rod Sweeting getting physical on a run play that was stopped for minimal gain. Drew Brees on a long completion to Jimmy Graham with double coverage, nice snag by Jimmy.

My attention gets distracted as an idiot “fan” gets pass the barricades and tries to go on the field where they were practicing. This guy wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer as the Jefferson Parish deputy tried to escort him back to the other side, he resisted so the cop and a Saints assistant took him to the ground. As I mentioned he’s not too bright as he takes a swing at the cop while they are wrestling on the ground, wrong move. The cop pretty much kicks his butt at this point as the other deputy’s arrive to cuff him and take him away.

What a Jerk, he made me miss some 11 on 11 team action. Anyways, Luke McCown with a 15 yard strike to Chris Givens over the middle. McCown under pressure has to throw it away. McCown then overthrows Andy Tanner on the sidelines the next play (good coverage by Corey White) McCown is having a rough go of it as his next pass is batted down. Ryan Griffin gets in some work on a hit and miss day; he looks good one play, not so much the next.

Well that’s a wrap for today, like I said; tomorrow KTDL and I will have much more extensive coverage. Today was just a kick back and relax day and an enjoyable one at that. Out of all the practices so far, this had to be the smallest crowd, I don’t expect that tomorrow. It’s going to be a packed house out there and the scorching heat will be brutal but to be honest, it’s worth it. Until tomorrow my friends, you know what time it is…WHODAT!!!