AJ Davis

AJ Davis

Day six of camp is wrapped up and it’s time for a little bit of a break. The Saints announced they were moving tomorrows practice indoors and to be honest, I’m not complaining. After six straight days out at camp I need a break, it was scorching hot this morning but KTDL and I caught a break when cloud cover moved in for the second half of practice. As per new CBA NFL rules the team cannot go more than three straight days in full pads so they practiced with shorts and shoulder pads. It also looked like the coaches decided to reign in practice a bit; it wasn’t as physical as yesterday’s practice.

Walking wounded: Marques Colston, Curtis Lofton, Patrick Robinson, Seneca Wallace, and Ray Shipman. I didn’t see Tom Johnson on the field at all, but Colston, Lofton, Robinson and Shipman all did light agility drills with a trainer, they will be back more sooner than later.

After the walk through and stretching, they went to positional drills. I would skip over this part but I think it’s worth noting how physical it got between the WR’s and DB’s in their blocking drills. It looked like CB Dion Turner took exception to Andy Tanner’s physical blocking and a scuffle broke out between the two, Tanner definitely got the best of him in the exchange.

Team drills start with Drew Brees hooking up with Kenny Stills on a quick out pattern. The next play coverage is real good so Brees has to tuck and run. Pierre Thomas burns Jonathan Vilma on a pass down the middle that would have been a long gain. Nick Toon with a nice grab on a medium out route over Greer. Brees finds Lance Moore on a crossing pattern. Really great coverage by Rod Sweeting on a long pass to Joseph Morgan, it was blanket coverage. Ryan Griffin connects with Jared Fayson over the middle. Griffin with a really nice throw to Preston Parker who continues his solid camp. You could really tell the dog days of camp are here when the defense started to meltdown with mental lapses. First a blown coverage that allowed Saalim Hakim to get wide open for a long score, Korey Lindsey got an earful from the McGriff on his way back to the huddle. On the very next play, another blown coverage that allowed Chris Givens to get wide open for a score.

I take a look to my left and what do you know, a Monty Williams sighting, The Pelicans coach was making his rounds signing a few autographs.

Back to the action: Ben Watson makes a nice snag over the middle. Jay Richardson blows up a play in the backfield; this guy just keeps making plays. Chris Givens again on a medium out pattern, nice catch and a good route ran. Corey White with a hit on Travaris Cadet two yards behind the line of scrimmage. Preston Parker with a bomb for a score, good catch by the receiver. Jason Smith is having a rough go of it again, he’s getting beat regularly and seem to always hold, this time It was a hold on LB Eric Martin. Rafael Bush with a beautiful long pass break up on a ball intended for Tanner. I got a good chuckle when I saw Roman Harper trying to cover Jimmy Graham, Jimmy didn’t catch the pass but Harper holding him all the way down the field didn’t help either. Pierre Thomas with a one-handed 360 catch, best catch I saw all day. Practice comes to a close with a walk through and then some more wind sprints.

Well that’s it from Saints camp, I thought the Offense won the day out there today but the defense did have their moments. After a couple of days off KTDL and I will be back out Saturday to bring you coverage of the Black and Gold scrimmage game. I will be scribbling notes on a bar napkin and she will be doing the photography and social media, be sure to check out her vine post, they are really good. Until then my friends, you know what time it is WHO DAT!!!