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Day four of training camp is in the books. I really had a good time out there today; the WhoDatNation was out in full force and was vocal. It truly is a nationwide fan base as the lady sitting next to me was from Colorado (flying back in the A.M.) and the lady to my right was from Maryland. The heat was brutal again but from my vantage point the Saints got in some good work today.

Out today: Marques Colston, Ray Shipman, and Jarred Fayson….I did not see Patrick Robinson on the field at all unlike yesterday where he went through some individual drills.

After the walk through and team stretching, the team went on to positional drills. The defensive backs went through an interception drill with none other than the big guy Rob Ryan throwing the passes and to be honest, the man’s got a pretty good arm. Kenny Vacarro dropped any easy one as did AJ Davis but as a whole they did O.K. On to special team drills, these are probably the most boring in camp but are definitely necessary.

A little 7 on 7 action gets underway. Preston Parker kicks it off with a nice grab on a poorly placed ball, this guy is starting to catch my eye more and more, he probably won’t make the 53 but I think practice squad is a real possibility for him. Kenny Stills drops an easy one, I know it’s early but he needs to step it up in my opinion. With Andy Tanner catching everything in sight, with Parker coming on and the speed demon Saalim Hakim looking good, the pressure is on him to separate himself. Lance Moore absolutely schools Malcolm Jenkins in what would have been a catch and run score but Jenkins true to form didn’t give up on the play and would have caught him around the goal line (the crowd cheered in approval)

More special team drills. I think it’s worth noting that rookie draft picks Terron Armstead and John Jenkins got work in with the return team. Also noticed Saalim Hakim and Rod Sweeting put in some work as gunners. Back there taking turns receiving punts were, Lance Moore, Darren Sproles, Kenny Stills and Preston Parker.

Back to 7 on 7 drills. Chris Givens with a real nice over the shoulder catch. Andy Tanner made a nice diving catch in a goal line drill. Tanner is really making it hard for the coaches to get rid of him, he catches everything. Ben Watson comes up big with a nice grab with a defender draped all over him, he’s looked good also. Mark Ingram drops an easy pass and drop straight down for some push ups. Pierre Thomas showed a burst of speed on a little flair pattern. Jonathan Vilma got burned badly on a pass down the middle by Mike Higgins; it would have gone a long way. A few plays later David Hawthorne pops Higgins pretty good….just to let him know what’s up. Chris Givens makes a nice grab with Eric Martin in coverage. Isa Abdul-Quddus has really good coverage on a pass break up intended for Saalim Hakim.

11 on 11 team drills get underway. Mark Ingram get it started with a beautiful one-handed behind the back catch, I guess those self-imposed pushups worked. Charles Brown is once again in with the first team, Jason Smith with the two’s and Armstead with the three’s. I have to say Armstead has really quick feet and on one play got himself a pancake block in pass coverage. Higgins with a nice catch with Martez Wilson in coverage. Andy Tanner again with a nice catch. At one point it was unfair because the first team defense stayed on the field and defended against the third team offense.

I know I wrote about this before but it deserves mentioning again, Mark Ingram looks to be in the best shape and healthiest I have seen him as a New Orleans Saint.

Saalim Hakim is down in what looked like bad cramping the way the trainers were stretching his legs, he was carted off. Martez Wilson looks to have injured his elbow but coach said afterwards it doesn’t seem bad.

Jimmy Graham burns Martez Wilson deep on what would have been a long touchdown; of course the crowd goes nuts. Benjamin Watson with a diving catch, he’s starting to come on. Cam Jordan snuffed out a screen play in which he could have laid the wood to Pierre Thomas but let up, good for him, smart on his part. The third team offense with a sloppy looking screen to Travaris Cadet that got blown up in the back field. Malcolm Jenkins picks off Brees with a diving catch. Brees bounces back with a strike to Joseph Morgan that would have gone for 30+ yards. AJ Davis gives Preston Parker an extra thump after a catch to which Higgins shoves Davis and gave him a few choice words.

Practice wraps up with the team doing wind sprints once again. All in all it was a good practice, some mistakes here and there but that will be cleaned up. I thought the offense looked good today, the defense made some plays but the offense made more in my opinion. Well that’s about it for today, KTDL and I will be back out tomorrow, live tweeting and of course will bring you a practice report later in the day. If you want to see the live tweets but don’t do twitter, just go to WhoDatWarrior’s web page and click on Saints camp updates and you can view them there. Until tomorrow whodat!!!