(Two weeks ago 1-0-1 overall 137-98-7) The Ravens (+3 ½) over the 49rs. Well this is it; the big game is finally here. To be honest I struggled with this one, my egghead said take San Francisco but my heart said the Ravens are going to pull out a sucker punch and sneak away with the victory. For the last two weeks it has been beat to death, win it for Ray Lewis, Keapernick is unstoppable, Tory Smith’s speed, Vernon Davis and Frank Gore, Randy Moss is the all time best. Give it a rest already; this game will be won in the trenches. The offensive lines will decide this game, against Atlanta the 49rs O-line took over in the second half and blew the Falcons off the ball….game over. Joe Flacco has only been sacked once in these playoffs, they keep him clean and he will pick you apart. Yes both teams have great defenses and I probably would have given the 49rs the edge if Justin Smith wasn’t playing with a half torn triceps muscle but he is. It is significant because his bookend Aldon Smith hasn’t had a sack in five games, the same amount of games he’s been hurt. So that being said I think defensively it’s a wash.

Here are the season stats for both teams.

                                      49rs                      Ravens

Total Off. Yards            5789                      5640
Off. Plays/Avg
              969 – 6.0               1042 – 5.4

Rush yards                    2491                       1901
Pass Yards
                    3298                        3739
                             38                             37
                               44                             44
Turnover Ratio
           + 9                            + 9

*Note: I did not use playoff average because the Ravens played an extra game.

Blah Blah Blah Blah….Stats…..

Well there you go it’s pretty even. So what will the X-Factor be? The mentally insane Jim and his wacko way of doing things? Or the Sane John, who’s older and more decisive in his thought process. Got to go with the sane one here folks, plus he used to beat the crap out of insane Jim when they were kids. Poor insane Jim, he had ten concussions and numerous wedgies by the time he was eleven years old.

Speaking of getting abused, Alex Smith is the poster child for being kicked to the curb, laughed at and pretty much told by insane Jim “You suck moron so sit down and shut up”…….I’m kind of liking the insane Jim the more I think about it. But it is his irrational thinking that will cost them the game, unlike John who will rely on semi-elite Flacco’s arm and Ray rice’s legs. Plus John has the over the top, larger than life persona of Antler sniffer Ray Lewis. Is it just me or are you sick and tired of hearing from this clown? The worst part is, this murderer is going straight to ESPN after the game (even more of a reason not to watch those lap dog Ginger puppets) To Be honest I can’t wait for both these teams to play and get the hell out of town, the thought of the 49rs roaming the field and meeting rooms of Saints camp makes me want to vomit as I type this. I can imagine the insane Jim and his cronies removing the G and the W from every keyboard at the facility. Anyways this game will go down to the wire as the Ravens hang on late to win 27 – 24.

Well folks that’s it, eggs brass knuckle Super bowl lock of the year. It’s finally come to a close but rest assured those knuckle heads in the NFL will give me plenty of ammo this offseason heading into September 2013….until then….adios.