Part II of my cathartic moment… i.e putting the 2012 to bed. The Offense.

Why on Earth did Chris Ivory only have four carries on Sunday?  That is a perfect example of what didn’t work this season for the Saints Offense. On a day in which he showed promise – his first two carries were impressive – and in which Pierre was inactive and the other two RB’s were threading water carrying the rock from the get-go… the true bruiser on the team was yet again forgotten. Like in the first seven weeks of this season, and in many other games when he was active. In spite of Vitt’s words to the contrary – the team will game plan to the strengths of its guys – that didn’t happen if only for a brief window during the season. I love you Coach, but you lied..

This just in….The team has been losing quite a few when Drew’s arm is at risk of falling off. That’s a fact. One could argue that that happens when it is trailing… true but if one compounds the unwillingness to the inability at times to run the ball, this has hurt the team even more, I’d say as much as the worst D in history. And this is what forces Drew’s hand in the first place, too.

And here he comes the culprit, in my humble opinion – Pete JR Carmichael. I don’t know what he has been thinking all season– but if I were up to give grades he wouldn’t get more than a D from me. His stubbornness has hurt the team a lot this year – those glasses need to get rid of that layer of fog Coach.

Drew, in spite of popular opinion, has had indeed a good year – people who criticize a headline of 43-19-5000+ are delirious (89-33-10000+ over two years…boom!). Even more impressive if one assumes the head winds coming from the two coordinators. Now thankfully Payton is back and it seems reasonable to think that addressing the running game (or lack of there of) will be pretty high on the to-do list.

After that I am sure he will be interested in digging deep as to why the most reliable corps of WR in the league suddenly can’t catch a ball. Granted, it turns out that both Graham and Colston (I wasn’t aware of that) were nicked throughout, but you gotta wonder why reliability has taken a step back this season. Maybe Curtis Johnson was really the guy – and maybe the horrible off the field issues lingered on the back of the guys’ mind… but still if I were Henry Ellard I would not sleep soundly from here onward.

Given the dire straits they are in CAP terms, and the fact that second rounder is still missing, it would be wise to be aggressive for once and trade one of the RB’s, which is one the very few commodities this team has plenty of. I would not part with anyone myself, and that’s a tough tough choice, but there is one too many. All those mouths cant be fed in game day, that’s a fact. This to avoid a repeat of the shenanigans we had to endure this season with Ivory. And that means that, in short, it comes down to one between CI and PT, because Sproles is the ultimate weapon and, right or wrong, they have invested a lot on Ingram.

Apart from that I don’t think there will be wholesale changes on Sean’s favourite toy. Thanks for the memory Devery… we’ll see Morgan step up and maybe a Toon surprise. And it is not a mystery that Chase wants his shot somewhere – they would be wise to resign him now and get something out of it when he walks. After that… Canfield anybody…? Lol….

I am not that sure they will be able to keep Bushrod, whom whatever people say has proven to be pretty darn good tackle. If they cant … here he comes his replacement… ladies and gents, Mr Charles Brown (I can see, too, people shaking their heads in the background, but who really knows who is this guy…). They will have to add depth, but he is the incumbent at the position when/if #74 walks. I also hope they can finally get help at TE, drafting somebody who can give some serious help to Jimmy Boy rather than just tucking shirts (and the odd TD) like old fox D Thomas, and the never ending series of one year failed experiments for the third guy.

Welcome again 2013!