There was a moment after our captain returned to the field for his first practice and Brees stated the goal of the season was just not to win, but ‘reach the next level’ – a newbie reporter asked him what the next level was – Brees had a pained look on his face, like wtf? Poor guy….

And now we have media outlets, you know the sewer runoffs that spew crap into the environment making a mess of things – sounds familiar? Ahh I digress, have The Saints pegged all over the place, mostly not winning at home the grand prize, but some not making the playoffs, some whatever… Some not even standing up for the hometown players, even when the threat of incarceration hangs upon them for them they didn’t do!!! (Keep Vilma Free)!

So let me introduce to you the next level the best I can from my perch here…. And feel free to pile on, scab refs don’t know the difference anyway…

The next level goes something like this:

Air Brees, definitely not low-cost travel, will toss the pig skin for over 6500 yds. That is 406 yds a game. Ouch. But get used to it because…

40 burgers are not really filling the tummies of this team. Get used to a 6 touchdown performance a game from this team (if you let us start from the 20 yd line 6 drives… you do the math)

But you say that is only 480 yds, ok ok next up…. Our D… that stands for Destroy.. it will be handing the ball back to Air Brees and Run Ingram and Smash Ivory and Flash Sproles and to the Grahaminator, to C O L S T O N, to the PT Brusier and to anyone else we ask to step up and land the pig skin safely in the enemy end zone. Get used it, take a pee break during the extra point, whatever. Field goals you say, ahh just to torment the opposition into believing they get something on us… So in this set up, everyman gets the skin and everyman WILL rack up numbers. How will you like 3 players rushing and receiving for over 300 yards? That is an achievement to reach for. 4 receivers with over 1500 yds for the year. No sacks on Air Brees, in fact he rests in the mid 4th qtr and lets Mr. Daniel in on the fun.

Speaking of sacks, let’s get back to the Destroy and their sacks numbers, how about 8 a game. How about 5 turnovers? You know it will happen because all 31 teams will be trying hard to play catch up to the Saints marching they’ll be stumbling around at all costs to make a strike. How are you loving that? Back to the list, leading the league in tackles, in lowest points allowed (ok ok throw the 31 a bone – under 10 – crap happens). Is there a stat for most 3 and outs? If not we’ll raise the bar so high, it will cause depression in sunny cities like San Diego (our farm team) and Miami (oh wait, they are already depressed).

The next level is all about becoming the tightest unit the NFL has ever witnessed, where players know their assignments like they were clairvoyant – no more missed routes, missed assignments, offsides, holding- the next level no penalties all year (that is a tough gig I know but a guy can dream no?)

Soon practices will be just Buddha/yoga like moments… sitting in the practice facility in a lotus potion transferring plays from mind to mind…. total same wave length…

Speaking of sending plays in, our Coach Payton, man he can chill wherever he wants… say Maui for example poolside game on waiter takes the order, bunch right fake toss 38 gator naked left f under x corner hurry umbrella green.

Waiter dude sends in the order from the console coach gets a mojito and Graham scores on a fade route in the flat and the Saints go up by 21 early in the 1 qtr.

Don’t talk to me about easy, nothing comes easy to us here in New Orleans… but we have higher aspirations and quite frankly no one is getting in our way to becoming an INSTITUTION that is admired for achieving the impossible, setting goals which are unreachable, for bringing a city and region back from the edge of despair and calamity and having the region set its own goals, becoming a place to be admired and emulated for EXCELLENCE (got a long way to go MR. Mayor! ahem)

But being an organization that is run well, that appreciates its staff, values the investment they have put into their players, coaches and facilities. Moreover it integrates itself with the community, sharing its dreams, up & downs and represents the city in way the makes New Orleans proud.

This is part of the next level manifesto, feel free to add to it, or just get in line in dat number and see how the gig unfolds. Glory awaits for those who dare ask of it! Who Dat!