The 2012 football season is finally here. What a rough ride this off-season has been, whew glad it’s over. Soon it will all be in between the white lines. As this sham that Goodell has tried to pull off unfolded, It struck me how much tighter the Who Dat Nation has become. Circle the wagons some might say, The players know it , the fans know it. Yes we do and the relationship is a long one filled with loyalty.

As Keep The Dome Loud explains, “ I had no choice becoming a Saints fan. I was raised on it! My pops is an avid football fan and started his love affair with the Detroit Lions. However once the Saints became a team, he never looked back. He has been a Saints season ticket holder since day one, and yes, he did take all the kids and mom to the first game in Tulane stadium.”

” Our lives revolved around football. The hot high school team on Friday night, Saturday night in Death Valley and when the Tigers were away, the TV came out to play. And we were on perma dome patrol. When the Saints played away, both TV’s came out to play. My dad was literally obsessed. You just absorbed it naturally. He coached all the family football teams, and even had us running crossing patterns in the front yard. If we dropped one both boys and girls had to drop down and give him five.
Mom was on board too. She watched games even if dad wasn’t around. She got free tickets to the Vikings Superbowl and took my little brother. Yep Church and football – You would find us there on Sundays. In her later days as senility set in, away game Sunday afternoons found me with her, holding her hand and watching games. I have a jersey numbered for her age when she passed on with her name on it. Yeah, it was all family and all Saints.”

I love it, crossing Pattern KTDL? Thank god no scab refs were involved. You got to love the mentality of the Die Hard Saints fan. It’s all in all the time as Keep the Dome Loud further explains, ” As I moved on in life, I always watched and cheered or jeered whichever the case may be. That is until free agency. That turned me off, who were these people and what were they doing to my team? Without the internet, too much work to figure it all out. I watched off and on, but 2006 saw me back as an avid viewer. I watched that season with amazement. Through my pops connections, I was able to get a seat for the Saints Eagles playoff game. It was so exciting. I was so proud. I will never forget leaving the Dome with throngs of people chanting Who Dat. I have never felt such a part of my city, so connected, so grateful for what we almost lost as a city as a team”

Yes indeed, from the darkness a city shines, KTDL ” That was it I was hooked again. Reverted to my second childhood and with a season ticket in hand, I took my job seriously as Keeper of the Dome–thus nom de plum of KeeptheDomeLoud. I am not a helpless by-stander ( take that Katrina and Isaac ) but an actual participant in shouting back at the forces of darkness that try to consume and discount us. Yeah we keep it loud. We are here, we are kicking it real, and we ain’t dancing to anyone’s tunes but our own. Show Up_Shout Out_ Keep it LOUD!

Thanks Keeper of the Dome, and a double thanks for starting this web site of all saint all day. This is the first part in many to come on ” Why We Believe “…..Next week UKWhoDat.