What a game last night. Just loved it, looked like a bare knuckled street fight. No backing down and toe to toe. Good stuff.
I will let the way more adapt let you break down the game better for you than yours truly – BUTT let me give you the Prague Bureau Warrior view – however skewered
First off, look whoever you are who come to play us, feel free to throw the first punch, really by all means, feel free to unload your best shot. You just don’t learn do you? We have had it worse and we are still standing. Let me translate that for you into what that meant last night, since 2006 and for any game on the calendar,
We are not going to back down, or be intimidated, by anyone.
What a beautiful thing watching the boys last night take a couple of shots to the gut early in the first quarter against an excellent Texan Offense, and dish it back – right back… I mean blast the bejebbers back in their face back… Quddus what a special team’s smack, White what a blast on Martin. Loved it.
Yes no one is patting anyone’s back here and handing out stogies over the D’s performance. However, all I have read so far is nothing but complaint. I thought for a stitched up unit, it hung in there and got its legs after the initial shock & awe. You had guys like Casillas, or Rudd playing new positions, (or new team for that matter) and held the fort. Wasn’t pretty, no. Pretty doesn’t win Superbowls, it wins Miss Universe.
But you had to get a major jolt watching the Saints go toe to toe, despite all the crap on their shoulders – and I mean right now just injuries. This team doesn’t quit – especially on national TV.
Thanks guys it was a treat Went well with the Moldavian cognac I had.
Actually I thought the 1st ‘team’ was starting to getting Schaub’s number, and it is a shame we didn’t see a bit more of the 3rd quarter with them, just to see the adjustments they could have made. I really enjoyed the 1st half though – and I guess that is how our Saints season will go.
Oh did I mention the O? Brees in form, LANCE MOORE, what a grab in the end zone! Jimmy Graham, call him the Grahaminator – what a stiff arm and run. (what a crud ref call too). I really loved the running of Ivory, Ingram, Baynard & Co. Mr. Ivory got caught doing too much and then got punished big time – looked like he got his bell rung on the fumble. Not too critical of it or of Morgan either, but the idea of the game is to hold on to the ball – so they need the Parcell’s method. Carry a ball always and try to get anybody to strip it away and give back to coach (however interim he may be!!!).
And even the 2nd O squad was efficient and sharp. They look better than say, the New York Jets

This piece won’t go into the refs, cause that is whole separate dish, course if you may. Too much on that!
But it was a good night, to see takeaways, anyone got a count now this preseason on how many? Six? Seven?
It is a great cure to feeling under confident, a wonderful gift to give Brees, and breeds a good vibe. Never mind pastes over the cracks and saves some butts….
There was a lot to take away from last night’s dress rehearsal – I am sure I haven’t covered more than a quarter of it, however the vibe that this team will not be pushed around or intimated was deafening. And any fears of the Offense were laid to rest and I would say despite the need to clean things up in the defense (like who the hell was calling plays on the field – so many wide open Texans!!!!) – you can see the concept coming together.
And new heroes, Hicks, Jordan (finally), Quddus, Cadet to name a few – please add…. emerging.
This week, the tough one who to cut and keep. And then the fun begins…. and
We are ready.