I just had this conversation with an NFL employee :

andrew mann: any discounts for us hard punished Saints fans this year?
andrew mann: missing my head coach
andrew mann: and Vilma all year
andrew mann: pretty tough
andrew mann: and I am a repeat customer too
NFL Game Pass: unfortunately there is no discount for saints fans, but as a patriots fan i feel your pain
andrew mann: hmm
andrew mann: we are getting royally screwed in this
andrew mann: oh well then
andrew mann: never hurts to ask before paying
andrew mann: thanks all the same
NFL Game Pass: i do agree that it was very hard on the saints
NFL Game Pass: never does! anything else i can assist with today
andrew mann: nah I just wanted to know the process before purcashing
andrew mann: hall of fame game is Sunday
andrew mann: so need to get on line
andrew mann: thanks
NFL Game Pass: Thank you and have a nice day.

Roger, even your employed staff don’t agree with you… maybe you should get Jeff Duncan or Peter King or maybe even John De Shaizer to handle your business…..