“I think this is the cost of doing business the way I think it should be done in NFL journalism these days — and I tell you this because it may affect my ability to know as much about the Saints as I’ve known in the past few years. Joe Vitt and Mickey Loomis, the New Orleans past and future 2012 brain trust, are not speaking to me, presumably because of my reporting on the Saints’ bounty case. Sean Payton told me earlier in the year he wouldn’t speak to me either, because he didn’t think I reported the story fairly. I’d had great relationships with Loomis and Payton. But that’s how it goes. For the record, I regret nothing that I’ve written or said on the case.” Peter King Si. com

Mr. King
I don’t understand why you complain about your current status. You have chosen to toe the ‘company’ line about the bounty scandal. You have had direct access to the Commissioner and could have asked better more defining questions, you have seen the so called evidence and still believe the NFL’s story.
Meanwhile Saints players are in court swearing there that there was no bounty scandal.
Don’t you think you could have scratched the surface harder? You accepted Jason Cole’s bounty ledger and it was full of errors, the Hargrove admissions have been a joke. There is no clear evidence pointing to such a program. And we need to know.
I am Saints fan. And I am being punished. I don’t get to see the team as advertised because it broke some rules. I am still very unclear what they did wrong. Moreover one young man is in court defending himself against possible felony charges – you know it is a felony to offer 10 grand to someone to hurt another person, correct?
Maybe you just want to commentate on the surroundings, and not investigate. But you have done me, all Saints fans and the organization a huge disservice by not digging deeper and finding out if the Saints are guilty of the things they are accused of.
And since you can’t get of your high seat, then you don’t deserve access to the team. You are lazy. To paraphrase what you said at the beginning of this, you were embarrassed that you never heard of teams having bounties on players – then we get an offseason of revealing stories of years past of bounties.
I would also mention where are you and the League on all the arrests this year of players with weapons, DUi, fights in bars, cheerleader molesting a young boy…. actually breaking the LAW. Where are you in seeing these players NOT PLAYING, SUSPENDED?
Tell me one Saint player, coach who has intentionally hurt someone in a game, a Saint player who has broken the law in the last three years? The organization is a model to be followed, not cajolled.
As a fan I am fed up with your lazy pontificating from the East Coast. We need the truth, and you have the ability help uncover it.
And as a fan I very sad to see an incomplete product on the field, I am punished for something I have not done – and it is me who is paying the bill for all of you.