Next week my football team takes the field in your shrine of NFLdomness in Canton, Ohio. The NFL Hall of Fame game is played to augment the enshrinement of your best players, including our own Willie Roaf this year.

This week is also time for many New Orleans Saints fans to begin pay for televised packages so that we can watch our team play. Being an international member of the Who Dat nation, this is the way I can watch the team I have supported for 35 years. It is one of the links that keeps the team real and forefront in our house. I cannot purchase another legal link to view the games.

This year your office has laid down unparalleled punishments against the Saints organisation for conduct and activities that you consider run afoul of your rules.

To me whatever your rules, penalties and evidence might be, shouldn’t your decision be internal of nature?

Tell me why should I pay $200 for a product that is incomplete and inferior? My team is missing its head coach and one of its all start players all season. Moreover, several more coaches and players will miss multiple games. Seems like an incomplete product to me; and it is you who decided that the Saints team should be this way this year. Who buys a sweater missing the sleeves? Or a car without tires?

Why do the fans of the New Orleans Saints have to suffer your punishment? What have the fans of the New Orleans Saints done wrong to offend your office? What rules have the fans broken? Why are we being offered an inferior product? I think you should explain to the New Orleans Saints fan base why you have taken these drastic steps, or re-instate the players that would normally be included in the Saints roster. Or you should be providing New Orleans Saints fans discounts due to the improperly advertised team that is not entirely representing the New Orleans Saints football team which its fan base is paying to see.

Why are you punishing the fan base this way? Why are you harming the livelihood of Jonathan Vilma without proper dissemination of the evidence held against him? Why are you not allowing Sean Payton or Gregg Williams to defend themselves, never mind the other accused coaches and players?

Why does the fan base of the New Orleans Saints have to suffer with an inferior product this year – and continue to pay regular prices?