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Scouting the Cowboys Threat: Tony Romo

At first I wasn’t going to do this piece with Tony Romo being the Cowboys top threat, I was thinking more on the lines of Dez Bryant or DeMarco Murray and either of those choices would have merit with Bryant being a top 5 receiver and Murray leading the NFL in rushing at the moment. … Continue reading »

The Grind Factor: Minnesota at New Orleans

The old saying rings true with the Saints first victory of the 2014 season, a win is a win. I know things didn’t look pretty especially the 2nd & 3rd quarter, but there are a lot of positives to take away from this game. First and foremost I finally get to do the Grind Factor–Minnesota … Continue reading »

Scouting the Vikings Threat: Cordarrelle Patterson

  Something new I’m going to be doing during game week is taking a closer look at the opposing teams top threat, offensively or defensively. So today, I am going to do an article entitled Scouting the Vikings Threat: Cordarrelle Patterson.  Most teams have a player (or players) who must be accounted for at all times, … Continue reading »

The Grind Factor Week Two: New Orleans Saints Versus Cleveland Browns

Ugh what can I say about this game? Not much but I will say this, last week after the Saints lost in overtime to the Falcons I said you can’t put lipstick on that ugly pig. This week is worse, the best plastic surgeon in the world can’t make this pig look any better. This … Continue reading »

The Red Flags Are Officially Up – Saints Versus Browns

Where do I start? Saints versus Browns The offensive line? The secondary? The game plan? This was bad, no way to sugar coat it. When the Cleveland Browns dominate you in the first half and hang around in the second this is what you get….the red flags are up. The offensive line protection was horrible … Continue reading »

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