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A Look at the Upcoming Crucial Six Game Stretch (Part Two)

  After beginning the first part of this crucial six game stretch with two out of three on the road (you can read my breakdown of those games HERE) the Saints return to the Super Dome for three straight at home. The more I look at this stretch of games the less optimistic I have … Continue reading »

A Look at the Upcoming Crucial Six Game Stretch (Part One)

  Next Sunday starts a six game stretch that will give us a much clearer picture of where this 2014 Saints team is headed. As we all know the Saints stumbled out of the starting blocks to a two and three record, besides the disaster in Dallas the other two losses came down to a … Continue reading »

Playing Downhill: Kenny Vaccaro

  Through the first four games of the 2014 Saints season many people including myself wondered out loud “who kidnapped the Saints defense from last year and replaced it with the record-breaking dismal unit of 2012?” Okay, maybe not that bad but you get the picture. The thing that kept sticking out to me (besides … Continue reading »

The Grind Factor: Tampa Bay at New Orleans

    The old saying goes a win is a win, but damn this wheel has a broken spoke. Put the bike in the shop for two weeks and hopefully it steers straight when it comes out or at the very least gets you where you need to go. I hammered the Saints pretty hard … Continue reading »

A Drive-By Around Saints Camp

  I usually write about an upcoming opponent’s top threat on either Friday or Saturday before the game (hint: this week it’s Levonte David and V Jax) but since there seems to be a spiral of doom emitting from behind the closed gates at Saints camp I decided to do a drive by. Usually I … Continue reading »

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