For those of you who weren’t following it, here is my view of what happened today. It will only be short because I stayed up all night tracking it across the Internet.

  • The NFL took the approach that Vilma had not properly exhausted the appeal process by virtue of the fact that he did not present evidence or call witnesses on June 18th in front of Roger Goodell.
  • Vilma and his party spent a lengthy time defining words such as “whack,” “cart-off” and the phrase “kill the head.”
  • Present and former team mates/ staff testified in favour of Vilma, often drawing reference to his character both on and off the field.
  • Judge Ginger Berrigan questioned whether or not Roger Goodell had actually overstepped his jurisdiction in handing out discipline to the former and current Saints players.
  • The NFL legal team said it doubted Berrigan had the jurisdiction to determine that.

In closing, it looks as though the legal side of this matter swayed in favour of Vilma today, though no decision was forthcoming and could be delayed until after the NFLPA has had its say.